Foto Friday

Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!
Tweedle P locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out because, as the last minute, she decided she wanted be a pink poodle and not a dalmation.
Kendall came to trick or treat with us too.


Dash and a seriously pissed off dalmation.

But she does love to shake her butt!

Time has told....

And Raoul has the flu. If you read my post yesterday, you know it was a toss up between upset stomach because he ate his lunch after leaving it the car all day (hey, I never said I married a rocket scientist) or flu. I was leaning toward flu because the kids were sick and it just made sense. Raoul was leaning toward old lunch because he was in complete denial that he was getting sick. It is the Buck's season opener this weekend and he is very busy because of it and doesn't really have time to get sick.

But, after he spent last night praying to the porcelain god, I decided... I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT! Okay, I know I shouldn't be wallowing in his misery but come on...I WAS RIGHT!

He is in the shower right now which tells me is going to attempt to go to work. He is one of those people who believes there is no illness short of cancer or death that should keep him from work. Yup, he is the asshole that goes to work when he is sick and gets everyone else sick. If he has decided he is going to work I will just have to break out the old hand cuffs and chain him to the bed. Too bad he is sick.....


Somebody please kill me

My life has been a flowing river of puke, diarrhea, butt rashes, fevers, arguments, and poorly performing employees since last week Saturday and I am so ready for it to be over. Here is a recap:

Friday night/Saturday morning: P starts throwing up all over the place. P has started a funny thing of crying out in agony just before throwing which is lovely because first I am scared out of a sound sleep and then I get to listen to her throw up...in her bed...at 2am...and 3am...and 3:30am...and 4am....and 5am.

Saturday: Ah the fun continues only this time it is coming out the other end. By 5pm P has gone to the bathroom so many time she has a terrible rash on her butt which requires diaper rash cream to help soothe the pain. So, she would scream in agony as she was pooping and then yell she was ready for her butt cream....every 25 minutes.

Sunday: No poop! No vomit! Yeah, the worst is over!

Monday: Still no poop or vomit! We are in the clear.

Monday night: "Mommy, I pooped in my undies and I need more cream for my butt." Seriously, why must the universe screw with me?

Early Tuesday morning: The vomiting begins again. What the hell kind of sick joke is this? She is fine for two days and then gets sick again? The universe can kiss my ass.

Tuesday morning:

Me: P is sick and needs to stay home today.

Raoul: I think she is fine. She can go to school.

Me: She is throwing up!

Him: It is just drainage because of her cold.

Me: Explain the diarrhea....

Him: She is fine!

Me: Home!

Him: School!

And the morning ended with me slamming the door and leaving the house without kisses or hugs. She stayed home from school.

Early Wednesday morning: The sound of puke hitting the wood floor fills our bedroom. Only this time it is C.

Wednesday: C is so sick he can't hold down water and his fever is 103 degrees. What do you do with a kids who can't hold down meds and whose sister has a history of febrile seizures...SUPPOSITORIES!!!! Yeah C! Yeah Me! Fuck you Universe!

Wednesday night: Raoul is feeling a bit sick. Is it the lunch he left sitting in his car but ate anyway or is it the flu...only time will tell.

Thursday: I am at work. I am afraid to call Raoul to see how he is feeling and I am afraid to call daycare to see how C is feeling. I have a meeting in 10 minutes with someone who is not performing up to par and I have to discuss an improvement plan with him. He has 2 weeks to turn it around. I hate these meetings.

I wonder what else will happen this week? Maybe I will get sick just before the family gathering on Sunday. The gathering that is the last chance to see my grandparents before they leave for AZ until April. What else will happen? I just know that damn universe is waiting in the shadows...just waiting to screw with me a little more.


This pisses me off

I can't stand this kind of reporting. It makes egg donors out to be money hungry women with no heart. Especially when the 26 year old with 5 kids says the egg donation process is tedious and, if it were not for the money, she would not do it. She is on her third cycle and, according to GMA, she has made a "small fortune". I have seen more and more articles and "news stories" about donation and it makes me mad every time I watch or read something about it. The reports are so biased and lack any kind of research. It just pisses me off.

And, while we are at it, this pisses me off too.

Thanks for the heads up Mere. I appreciate it.


Foto Friday

I wasn't going to do a Foto Friday this week because I already posted twice today and I posted quite a few other pictures this week (because my life is terribly boring and I had nothing exciting to post about) but I missed it last Friday so...here you go. More pictures.Daddy's little packer fan
"Mommy, take my picture with this flower!"
Posing in front of Grandpa's chainsaw carvings
Fun with worms!

Posing on Grandpa's tractor.

The inner workings of C's mind

Me (picking C up from daycare): Hi baby! How was your day?

C: Fine

(pause while I buckle C into the car)

Me: Did you have a good day at Bonnie's?

C: Nope. I didn't go to Bonnie's.

Me: Where did you go?

C: To work.

Me: Oh. And what did you do at work?

C: I set things on fire.

Me: Really? And you get paid to do that?

C: Yup, they pay me. I set my jacket on fire.

Me: Oh no, that was a new jacket. Did you burn it very badly?

C: No, just a little.

Me: Oh good. I am glad to hear that.

Then I thought about it for a minute and remembered our dinner conversation on Wednesday. Raoul set his jacket fire at work on Wednesday...on accident of course. So, now C thinks Daddy starts fires for a living. It is amazing how the 4 year old works.

Conversation around the breakfast table

P: My tummy hurts

C: Maybe you have to poop

P: I do not have to poop

C: But that is the trick, you have to poop

P: C, stop it. Girls don't poop.

C: Yes they do. That is the trick. Just go poop.

P: Fine! I will try. Jeez C.

Tweedle P stomps off to the bathroom and closes the door. Raoul checks on her 5 minutes later and she proclaims it will be awhile. Ten minutes after that the toilet flushes.

C (after hearing the toilet flush): Yeah! Good job P. That did the trick.



Every year I get together with my family to make frosted sugar cookies (and gingerbread on Christmas cookie day). It started 12 years ago during the Christmas season. We would all gather around the counter and help cut the cookies out. My aunt and I would bake them while the little kids played. After they cooled, I would pipe elaborate designs onto all 30 batches and set them outside to harden. My cousin Jeffrey would cut heads of the Santas and pipe on red icing as blood. He would mix red, green, and white to get a nasty gray. Then, he would cut the tops of the heads off and pipe in the gray icing as a brain. Or, he would put the gray on random body parts and call them tumors. Jeffrey was a bit, um, disturbed.

We had such a great time we expanded the event into Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and once in the summer cookies. Our designs are less elaborate and my aunt makes the cookies the day before everyone gets together. Jeffrey has decided he is too cool to decorate cookies with us and would rather spend his Saturdays at football games and bars. We don't make 30 batches anymore and I spend so much time helping the kids I rarely frost a single cookie. But I still love doing it and the kids love doing it too. Plus, we get lots of yummy cookies to bring home!

The kids hands and faces get covered in frosting, the floor gets coated in sprinkles, and my aunt always makes a delicious dinner. And, of course, we always have Sangria, Long Islands, and Cranberry Slush for the adults. I hope we never stop.



We carved pumpkins tonight. It went much better than last year. Last year Raoul nearly cut off Tweedle C's hand. What the hell, you ask? Well, Raoul was carving and C threw his hand into the pumpkin. He was centimeters away from a trip to the ER.

No one nearly lost hands this year but I almost lost my mind. Thank god I had some Boone's Sangria in the fridge to help me find my mind again. It significantly cut back on the "C stop it" and "P settle down" that we usually hear at family events.
P was a champ. She dug her hands right in there and started pulling out all that pumpkin crap. She squished it through her hands and pulled all the seeds out for me.

C, on the other hand, was a giant pussy who wouldn't put his hands into the pumpkin. He asked for a spoon to scoop the stuff out and then wouldn't even do that. We eventually put him on seed duty. You know, separate the seeds from the crap that comes out of the pumpkin.

Of course, in our house, the philosophy is go big or go the fuck home and we go big dammit. Last year Raoul broke out the power tools to ensure a perfect circle on ends of the dog bone (Chicken Shit's pumpkin). This year he broke out the drill to ensure perfect circles on the dog freckles.The pumpkins turned out great and the seeds are in the oven getting all toasted and yummy. So, while we wait, may I present: our pumpkins. The dog for C and the kitty for P.


Busy Busy Busy

Whoa it has been a busy week! Sorry for my abscense but I just couldn't get away to blog.

I pulled an all nighter on Tuesday trying to stay ahead of my work for the week but I guess all night wasn't enough because I still ended up working after the kids went to bed on Wednesday and Thursday. I can't decide if trying to switch from 5 days in the office to 2 days in the office and 3 days at home is causing my issues or if we are just really busy. I am much more distracted at home and my internet connection is slower since I have to remote into two different computers to get into my work PC and the kids are terribly distracting. I have been with this company since Jan 2007 and I have never been this crazy. I usually end up taking everyone elses work because I am so slow but these past few months I have been unloading as much as I can. I keep thinking this week is the last busy week and things will clear up but then more crap falls on my plate and I am busy again and there is not much I can do about it. I am one of two lead trainers and I have a new hire coming in on the 3rd. New hires take up about 60 to 70% of my time their first 3 weeks so I can honestly say things will not be getting better anytime soon. I really need a mental health day but it isn't looking plausible. I am thinking the next break I will get is Thanksgiving week. I have off Wednesday through Sunday. Yeah!

Okay, okay, enough bitching. On to the fun things that kept me away from the internets (but oh how you were missed). On Friday we were all set to go to a high school football game but it ended up raining so, at the last minute, we decided not to go. Kendall spent the night and the kids had a blast with her. Of course, they always do. We watched Harry Potter and ate Culvers frozen custard and worked on the kids Halloween costumes. Tweedle C spent the night getting me drunk. I would hardly finish a mojito before he had another one in my hand. I wonder if Raoul was paying him....

Saturday was our annual Halloween cookie decorating day. All of the kids head over to my aunts house, gather around the table, and frost cookies. We do it every Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and once in the summer. The kids lick the knives and eat the candy sprinkles, their faces get covered in bright frosting, they sneak cookies left and right. They are so hopped up on sugar by the end of the day that they bounce and wiggle when they are just standing around. You couldn't pay me to miss a cookie day. We have been doing this since I was 16, I am now 28, you do the math.

Today was terribly bitter sweet. We went up to the family farm to drop off Raoul's boat to store for the winter and to dig up and bring home the grape vines that have been there for more than 10 years. My grandpa is tearing down the barn soon and today was the last day I would see it standing. My great grandfather bought the farm in the 40's, passed it to my grandpa and his brothers, and then my grandpa bought his brothers out in the 70's. I have never known the farm not to have a barn on it. But, it is in terrible shape and either needs to get fixed or come down. My grandparents spend 6 months a year out west so it doesn't make sense to fix it up.

I did, however, learn that there is money buried somewhere on those 200 acres. The man who sold it to my great grandfather told him his father buried money on the farm but no one knows where. Considering the farm was purchased in the 40's I think it is safe to assume it is depression era money. He has some treasure hunters coming out in the spring after they get home from the west. I am not sure if they will find anything but it was definitely fun to talk about over dinner! Raoul and I are planning on going to the treasure hunt just to watch.

I took oodles of pictures this weekend and plan to scrapblog them sometime soon. And I will probably do a wordless Wednesday to make up for missing foto Friday. So stop back to see the fun with cookies and fun with tractors pictures on Wednesday! Toodles


Random thoughts that are not in depth enough for their own post

I got some really bad new this weekend. My brother broke it to me on Friday night over dinner. I could tell something was wrong when he got here. He was quiet, withdrawn, and distant. Was everything okay with his wife? Yes. Did something happen at work? No. Then what, me dear brother, what? Our favorite couple broke up. Hef and Holly are no longer together. Hef and Holly broke up. Thank goodness my dad was hear to buy pizza and beer to help me drown my sorrows.
Things on Tweedle P's Christmas list (keep in mind, she is six)
  • A Wii
  • A Nintendo DS
  • An iPod
  • A cell phone
  • A phone in her bedroom
  • A TV in her bedroom
  • Her own phone number for the phone in her bedroom
  • A DVD play for said TV
  • Cable for said TV

Santa better start saving because Tweedle C is starting to think her list sounds pretty sweet and he might need all of that as well.


I was really excited to redo Tweedle P's bedroom in pink and green. I love the color combo and she is such a girly girl I though it would be perfect. I had paint swatches and was ready to go. I even posted a big long post on my not secret blog and got my mom really excited because she also loves those colors.

I guess I forgot to remember that Tweedle P is growing up and not really interested in a pink and green bedroom. She is interested in big girl things now and her room should reflect that. So, I am thinking purple walls with pink accents, more grown up bedding, and white furniture. And, to reflect her love of the HM, my ever talented husband is going to fashion a guitar headboard which I will paint to match the room. I think it is better this way. She will have a room she can grow into, not grow out of.


7 of the most feared words in the mommy language

I was miles from home. We had stopped at the Harley Davidson dealership to check out the new bikes and look for a leather jacket for my dad. We had just left the dealership and were in the car. It was hot in the car. The sun was beating into the windows, causing the leather to heat up and burn my butt as I sat down. I had the windows open but that wasn't cutting through the heat. I was at a stop light waiting for red to go green. Then, my poor little Tweedle C started to whimper. I looked into the back seat and he looked absolutely pitiful. He looked like someone just decapitated Duckie. He saw I was watching, looked into my eyes, and said, "I accidentawy had diarrhea in my pants."

Looks like I will be missing the baptism tomorrow.


Foto Friday

I finished my nephews baptism blanket just in time. The baptsim in on Sunday and I finished it last night. I think it turned out pretty well. I made a couple of little mistakes but the yarn is a really thick soft yarn so the mistakes aren't too obvious. And, I like to think they give it character. Soooo......here it is. Kole's Baby Blanket


Dinner Conversation (Updated)

Things discussed over BBQ chicken pizza with my dad and Raoul tonight:
  • Why married men live longer than single men (because wives allow married men to make fewer stupid decisions)
  • The stupid mistakes single men make that cause them to die sooner
  • Why Raould can't wait until I die (so he can fish everyday, my we are in love)
  • Why men in Vegas don't get married
  • How much hookers cost in Vegas
  • The difference between an expensive hooker and a cheap hooker
  • The correlation between low number of married men and high number of hookers in Vegas
  • Why both presidential candidates suck
  • Maybe the presidential candidates should spend more time in Vegas (ie hookers)
  • Why hookers are cheaper than a wife

As you probably guessed, the conversation was mostly between Raoul and my dad. I didn't pipe in too much beyond bullet point number 1. For some reason I feel like that may not be your typical American dinner conversation. Things are never boring at my house!

Updated: I just just checked my stats and I have had 15 hits today by people googling hookers. 15...in one day...googling hookers. I don't even know what to say about that.

Chewed up apple bits anyone?

I have been meaning to post this story for a few weeks now but I was a little too pissed off to do it and then I forgot and now I remembered so here you go.

My Wednesday night addiction is Project Runway and Lipstick Jungle. Raoul and I used to watch Netflix movies on Wednesday night but then the new seasons of my shows started and we had the same Netflix for, oh, um, three weeks? Unfortunately, Raoul also has a Wednesday night addiction which interferes with mine so we split TV time, one goes in the cold, always a mess, kind of damp basement toy room and one stays in the warm, cozy, only sometimes messy living room. Three weeks ago I decided to go into the basement to watch my shows because I wouldn't have to deal with the kids getting out of bed like a thousand times before they actually fell asleep.

So, I am chillin' on the puton (read futon but C calls it a puton and that is much funnier don't ya think?) watching Project Runway when I look to my right and notice something brownish on the wall with very apparent drip marks below it. Huh, what the hell did those damn little urchins do now, I think to myself. I got up (during a commercial of course) to inspect said brownish thing and couldn't quite place what it was but determined it looked wet and there was no way in hell I was touching it.

I sat back down on the puton for a moment to think about what it could possibly be when I noticed a little piece of apple on the puton. It couldn't be...they didn't. I inspect the wall again and, yes, it is chewed up apple bits. Then I noticed there were 4 different spots of chewed up apple bits. I called Raoul downstairs so he could see what his offspring had done. They were his offspring at that moment because I was down right angelic as a child so there was no way my offspring did that. Boy oh boy was he pissed when he saw it!

He got the kids out of bed and filled a bowl with hot soapy water. First he made them clean up the bits then we asked what in the hell they were doing. P caved first, confessing that they were having an apple spitting contest. They were trying to determine who could spit the apple the highest. C chimed in to let us know he had won the contest because his apple spew went higher than any of P's. Good job baby, mommy is, well, I am not sure what mommy is because proud definitely is not the word.
My daddy will be staying with us this weekend so this is probably the last you will hear from me until next week sometime. I finished the baptism blanket for baby Kole last night and will post pictures sometime next week.


Duckie is home!!!!!

Duckie's stay at Grandma's house was quite a bit longer than expected but he is back and we are all so happy! I wasn't here to see the expression on Tweedle C's face when he unwrapped the box Duckie came in but I can only imagine how happy he was. And, well, a picture tells a thousand words.
The boy had been asleep for at least 2 hours when I took this and Duckie is still held tight against his tummy.


Damn kids ruin everything

I have been meaning to move some plants around before it gets too cold and I can't do it anymore but I haven't been able to find the time. I have beds that start on one side of the driveway and wrap all the way around the house to the back yard. When we bought the house every bed in the front yard was empty. Raoul gave me a rose plant for our anniversary the first year we were in the house and he and the kids planted it in one of the front beds. This spring my aunt gave me a lot of plants from her garden that I promptly put into the ground. Most of the beds are full now but there is still a huge bed below our bedroom window that is empty. I want to move plants from one of the smaller beds next to the driveway to the larger bed under the windows. But, time is my enemy. I spent August and much of September working 7 days a week. And, when I wasn't working I had these pesky little things called children to deal with. They kept demanding I play with them and spend time with them. I know I am one fun SOB but come on, give mommy a break...please! Of course there was also the housework and the blanket I am trying to knit for a baptism on Sunday (if you click the link you will see I said I had two months to work on it. Funny how one can procrastinate so long that suddenly the baptism is next weekend and the project has hardly been touched. If I don't post much this week, you know why). The plants just kept getting pushed back to "next weekend." Well, next weekend has come and gone every week for 5 weeks now and they still sit crowded in the little beds. It is getting too cold to move anything now. I'm afraid if I move them the roots won't have time to take and the plant will die. Looks like those damn children will get their and their fun mommy will be playing instead of planting.


Almost forgot...

One of my very bestest friends who never judged and has always supported me has started a blog. Go pay her a visit and give her a little blogger love! Um, not that kind of blogger love, the commenting kind.

Put out an Amber alert...

...Duckie is missing. Duckie is C's duck. P gave C Duckie the day he was born and that duck has hardly left his side ever since. Duckie has slept snuggled up to C every night since the day he came home from the hospital. Duckie has learned to fly (C put him on the ceiling fan and pushed the blades so Duckie would "fly" off), learned to play nice with cats (P's favorite animal is Kittie and her and Duckie are best friends), and has been the bestest friend you could ever ask for. He never once judged and always stood by C's side.

Saturday started out just lovely. The kids slept over at separate family member's houses and I got to sleep until 9am! I took my time getting up, took the dog for a walk, and relaxed for a little while. I picked P up from my aunts and headed over to Raoul's sisters to get C. When we got there C immediately started to cry. My sister in law looked at me and said, "Mom forgot Duckie, she is going to mail first thing in the morning." (C slept at Raoul's mom's and then his sister brought him to her house so the boys could play for awhile.) Why not mail him today? Why isn't she going home right now to get Duckie and put bring him to UPS so he will be here in the morning? Doesn't she understand how important this duck is?

We went home and I convinced C he would be fine for one night without Duckie. He took advantage of the situation and said he would only be fine if he slept in my bed. He really knows how to milk a situation. At 9pm, my mother in law called me and said, "Is Duckie there with you? We can't find him." I'm sorry! You what? You LOST the most important thing in our son's life? The one thing he loves and cherishes more than anything! No, Duckie is not with me! Don't you think I already looked just in case? Why are you waiting until 9 at night to look for him?

I asked C where he left Duckie and told the MIL to look there. She said she would look and send it out in the morning. If she didn't find him, she would call me. Jesus! Don't you understand who Duckie is???!?!?!!? She never called.

C woke up this morning crying because he still didn't have Duckie. MIL still hadn't called me back to tell me whether or not she found him. So, I made Raoul do it. She is his mom, he can deal with it. Turns out she had found Duckie and is putting him in the mail tomorrow (Monday). What the hell!!!!! He needs that duck. Now you are telling me he won't get it until Tuesday!

We would have driven the hour to her house to get it expect I had to work Sunday and Raoul has a terrible chest cold, pink eye with some funky black spot in the middle, and threw out his back and can hardly move (who wants to come live with me right now? Come on, you know you want to.) He is in no shape to go anywhere. She knew that, we told her that. We told her Raoul couldn't move and I had to work. Did I mention this is your grandson's bestest friend in the whole entire world!!!!!! Don't you care? I left my nigh nigh at my grandma's when I was and she was willing to drive 3 hours to drop it off. My mom wouldn't let her and told her to mail it. All I am asking for is to have found it right away and over nighted it to us. Is that too much to ask?

We will be playing another round of musical beds in the d'Orchidee house tonight. C is sleeping in my bed, Raoul is sleeping in the top bunk bed, and I don't expect P to stay in her bed. I don't usually leave our bed so I will either be sleeping with a 4 year old or snuggled between a 4 and 6 year old. Either way, I will be getting kicked most of the night. Duckie, please come home, we miss you!


A Real update!

I finally have an actual update to post! My clinic called me yesterday and it seems we have run into a little snag. Because I am a completely honest person I felt it was necessary to disclose the hearing loss many members of my family suffer from. But, I also felt it was necessary to disclose the study I participated in when I was younger to determine the cause if the hearing loss and the fact that I am not a carrier of the gene.

Well, turns out the genetic counselor wants to see the study results. There is one small problem though. The study, which occurred 17 years ago, was a blind study. There is nothing to link me to the test results. I think my dad may have the published article. Hopefully that will provide enough information for the clinic to get what they need. I am hoping the article identifies a specific gene which can be looked for on the genetic screen.

I'm not sure what will happen if I am not able to get the results. I tried to google it but I don't know the name of the clinic that did the research or what the study was called. I was 11 years old for goodness sake. All I knew at the time was I was going to give blood and take a hearing exam. The only reason I remember it is because it the first time I gave blood and I was really nervous. I am going to e-mail my dad and see what information he has. He is coming into town on Wednesday and I want him to bring everything he has with him.

I really hope this doesn't inhibit my ability to donate. Of course, I would completely understand. If I wasn't on the receiving end, I wouldn't want eggs from a woman who has an extreme family history of hearing loss. By extreme I mean my dad, brother, grandmother, 2 aunts, 1 uncle, and 4 out of 7 cousins. My brother has had hearing aids in both ears since he was in kindergarten. My dad can hardly hear without his hearing aids. There hasn't been and language impairment but without the hearing aids they have a hard time.

On the up side, if I am able to get the information they need, they want me to come into the office to meet with the nurses and talk more about the program. I am excited and nervous. Excited because things are really getting underway and nervous because I am not sure how I will react to the meds. Only time will tell I guess.


Foto Friday

Last weekend was probably the last nice weekend we will have in 2008. It is 42 degrees right now and it is going to keep getting colder. We will probably see frost tonight. I put the electric blanket on the bed last night. So here are picutres of the kids enjoying the last nice weekend of 2008.
Oh, does anyone else's dog play with it's toys like a cat plays with toys? I kind of get freaked out whenever I see Chicken Shit doing this. He will lay on his back for 5, sometimes 10 minutes rolling toys in his mouth. He eventully rolls back over and heads to his bed.


Would you like breast milk with that ice cream?

Am I the only person who didn't hear about this? I have to say, it freaks me out a bit. I don't think I could knowingly eat a pint (because, seriously, why wouldn't eat the whole pint. That is one serving, isn't it?) of Half Baked if I knew it was made from another woman's breast milk. I can't even eat a certain cheese (which will go un-named but rhymes with sugar shaft) because I know they are the cheese everyone else in the cheese industry strives not to be like and I know how they make their cheese and, ew gross, why would you want to eat that?

But I digress, ice cream made with breast milk is just not my cup of tea. If you feel like making milk come out of your nose, head here and check out the comments. There are quite boob-a-luscious.
On a side note, my clinic called me back yesterday. Yeah! But the nurse left a message on my cell phone which I rarely check because I refuse to be attached to my cell phone and try to only use it for emergencies and because I never check it I never got the message. Boo. But, I called her back and left her a message and meant to bring my cell phone into the office with me in case she called me but I left it my car and didn't realize it until I got up to my desk which is 2 blocks over and 11 flights up and decided not to go back to my car to get it (I like me some run ons! And exclamations!!!! Wheee!!!!!). Whatta ya wanna bet she called my cell phone and left a message?


Maybe we do have it (Updated)

I picked Tweedle P up from school today and went to give her a kiss when I noticed them, several distinct sores around the corner of her mouth. I didn't want to make a big deal out of them because I didn't want her to go all dramatic on my arse and make a bigger deal out of them than they really are. I waited for my moment to come. The moment when I could ask her what is up with the shit around your mouth and not seem all oh my poor baby you are sick let mommy give you a big ooey gooey hug.

I decided to take my chance when I was getting her into her booster seat and buckeling her in. "What's that on your lip?" I asked. "Oh, you mean this (licking at it)? I don't know but it really hurts and I keep licking which makes it hurt worse but then I feel like I have to lick it." Okay, maybe she isn't as smart as we thought. It hurts when I lick it so I lick it? Genius my bella baby, absolutely genius! I brushed it off, told her to stop licking it, and that we would put some lip butter on it when we got home.

We headed off to her first dance class and she was pretty sleepey. She kind of complained that she wanted to go home when she came out to change from ballet shoes into tap shoes and wasn't really interested in dinner. She just sat around and waited for class to start. Normally she runs and plays.

I was sure she was getting sick but now she won't go to bed. She is playing with Tweedle C regardless of the fact that Raoul and I keep yelling at them. She was running through the house screaming and laughing. So, is she sick or isn't she? Do I send her to school or not? Are the sores around her mouth just a crazy co-inky-dink or are the start of week-o-hell? Ugh! I hate this!

Update: As of Saturday October 4th, we do not have it and I don't think we are going to get it!