Foto Friday

Last weekend was probably the last nice weekend we will have in 2008. It is 42 degrees right now and it is going to keep getting colder. We will probably see frost tonight. I put the electric blanket on the bed last night. So here are picutres of the kids enjoying the last nice weekend of 2008.
Oh, does anyone else's dog play with it's toys like a cat plays with toys? I kind of get freaked out whenever I see Chicken Shit doing this. He will lay on his back for 5, sometimes 10 minutes rolling toys in his mouth. He eventully rolls back over and heads to his bed.


anymommy said...

So darling. I love pictures. I hope you are able to find what you need about your hearing so you can move forward with your donor plan!

Meredith & Phil said...

Mya plays the same way! I love it though... she looks so happy and relaxed when she's hanging out on her back. Sometimes I walk into a room and there she is laying there with her legs up in the air waiting for a belly rub.