Wow. 100 posts. I believe the tradition is to write 100 random things about yourself. I had a hard time writing 6 random things about myself so, um, we'll see how this goes.

1. My name is not Collette
2. It is Stacie
3. My mom wanted to name me Anastacia
4. My dad wouldn't let her
5. They also considered Jennifer
6. But didn't want to be the 4 J's
7. My husband's name is not Raoul
8. It is Joe
9. Josef, actually
10. I do call my kids the Tweedles at home
11. But their friends call them Payton
12. and Caden
13. Except at school where Payton is known as Bella
14. I double majored in college
15. Organizational Administration
16. and Economics
17. and I hold a communications minor
18. I wanted to be an oncologist when I was in high school
19. Sometimes I still think about going back
20. My parents moved to CA when I was 18 (1998)
21. I moved 8 times between 1998 and 2000
22. I blame my parents move out west
23. I have a brother
24. His name is Jason
25. We call 1998 - 2000 his foggy years
26. I want 1 more child
27. Raoul does not
28. I was born in Mosinee
29. but grew up in Waukesha
30. I still live there
31. I always wanted to be a ballerina
32. Or an ice skater
33. But am a huge klutz
34. I don't like to clean
35. But when I start I get really into it
36. And can't stop
37. My favorite movie is To Each His Own
38. I cry every time I see it
39. I'm pissed it hasn't been released on DVD
40. P loves High School Musical
41. And I kind of like it too
42. I played on the tennis team in high school
43. But haven't played since I graduated
44. I got my first kiss when I was 12
45. At the park near my house
46. At the bottom of the slide
47. My friend was with me
48. And got her first kiss by the swings
49. She moved the Indiana
50. I haven't talked to her since
51. I'm kind of a chicken
52. I hate roller coasters
53. And fast cars
54. I'm more of a home body
55. I swear more on my blog than I do IRL
56. But the more I blog the more I swear
57. Only 3 people IRL life know about this blog
58. I have another one where I don't swear and only talk about the kids
59. Everyone knows about that blog
60. I have a serious soda addiction
61. I recently kicked it
62. At it's peak, I drank 6 or 7 a day
63. Now I hardly drink one a week
64. I have never used illegal substances of any kind
65. My brother did enough drugs for the both of us (see #25)
66. I've never even smoked a cigarette
67. I hate milk
68. I can eat it on cereal
69. But I gag if I have to drink it
70. I also blame that on my parents
71. I have a temper
72. It doesn't take much to push me over the edge
73. I am a planner
74. I know what we are doing for our 10 year anniversary
75. We just celebrated #8
76. We got married in Las Vegas
77. But have never had an official honeymoon
78. Because we were only 20 when we got married
79. And couldn't afford it
80. I love cooking but I hate baking
81. Baking is too precise
82. I like to throw stuff in a pot and see how it turns out
83. I hated fish
84. Until I met Raoul
85. Now I love it
86. Especially when he makes it
87. I work from home three days a week
88. I hate it
89. I can't wait to be back at the office full time
90. My birthday is May 20th
91. I'm a Taurus
92. If I had been born one day later
93. I would have been a Gemini
94. I have traits of both
95. I will be 29 this year
96. I am not nervous about turning 30
97. I think because I am very happy with my life
98. Except my weight
99. but I'm working on that
100. With Raoul's help, of course!

There you go. 100 things about me with only a little cheating.


Aunt Becky said...

See, now, I love baking and hate cooking.

Meredith and Phil said...

Loved it, nice twist. I had a hard time coming up with 7 more random things about myself when you tagged me again.