7 of the most feared words in the mommy language

I was miles from home. We had stopped at the Harley Davidson dealership to check out the new bikes and look for a leather jacket for my dad. We had just left the dealership and were in the car. It was hot in the car. The sun was beating into the windows, causing the leather to heat up and burn my butt as I sat down. I had the windows open but that wasn't cutting through the heat. I was at a stop light waiting for red to go green. Then, my poor little Tweedle C started to whimper. I looked into the back seat and he looked absolutely pitiful. He looked like someone just decapitated Duckie. He saw I was watching, looked into my eyes, and said, "I accidentawy had diarrhea in my pants."

Looks like I will be missing the baptism tomorrow.

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Aunt Becky said...

Poor sweet baby.

(and poor sweet YOU for having to clean it up)