Why Start a Blog?

I am a mommy. I realized about six months ago being a mommy completely defined me. We had some neighbors move in down the street and when asked about my interests all I could think of was skiing...I haven't skied since 1998! When the conversation moved to TV I found the only thing I could really comment on with any real knowledge was Little Einsteins and The Wonder Pets. Things just got worse from there. As my husband and I walked home, he pointed out it might be beneficial if I found a hobby and got out of the house a bit more. Of course, I still haven't decided if my being out of the house was more beneficial for me or for him. Anyway, I digress. I decided I would try knitting. I think I am doing okay, I have almost finished a scarf. Although, considering I started knitting in January and have yet to finish that first scarf, maybe I am not doing okay. Where was I? Oh yes, defined by mommy hood, writing a blog. Yes.

I started to think about writing a blog. You see, I have been stalking many blogs for about a year now. It started with Julie over at a little pregnant and it just went downhill from there. I spend more time on blogs than I do working. I read many blogs about women who have trouble getting and or staying pregnant. I decided a while ago I would donate my eggs. And, I decided recently now is the right time. I wanted to keep track of my experience and a blog seemed perfect. So, as became more serious about starting a blog my mom called and suggested I start one so she can keep up with the kids and their little kid lives. I jumped at the chance but quickly realized the type of blog I wanted to write was not the type of blog I wanted my mom reading...she is pretty conservative. Actually, she drinks and swears more than I do. But, she thinks I am pretty conservative. And I can be but not all the time. So, I have my "family blog" where I post cute pictures of my kids and talk about ballet and soccer and school. And then there is this blog, where I bitch about people that piss me off and where I can say fuck and not be afraid my mom will read it.


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