Chewed up apple bits anyone?

I have been meaning to post this story for a few weeks now but I was a little too pissed off to do it and then I forgot and now I remembered so here you go.

My Wednesday night addiction is Project Runway and Lipstick Jungle. Raoul and I used to watch Netflix movies on Wednesday night but then the new seasons of my shows started and we had the same Netflix for, oh, um, three weeks? Unfortunately, Raoul also has a Wednesday night addiction which interferes with mine so we split TV time, one goes in the cold, always a mess, kind of damp basement toy room and one stays in the warm, cozy, only sometimes messy living room. Three weeks ago I decided to go into the basement to watch my shows because I wouldn't have to deal with the kids getting out of bed like a thousand times before they actually fell asleep.

So, I am chillin' on the puton (read futon but C calls it a puton and that is much funnier don't ya think?) watching Project Runway when I look to my right and notice something brownish on the wall with very apparent drip marks below it. Huh, what the hell did those damn little urchins do now, I think to myself. I got up (during a commercial of course) to inspect said brownish thing and couldn't quite place what it was but determined it looked wet and there was no way in hell I was touching it.

I sat back down on the puton for a moment to think about what it could possibly be when I noticed a little piece of apple on the puton. It couldn't be...they didn't. I inspect the wall again and, yes, it is chewed up apple bits. Then I noticed there were 4 different spots of chewed up apple bits. I called Raoul downstairs so he could see what his offspring had done. They were his offspring at that moment because I was down right angelic as a child so there was no way my offspring did that. Boy oh boy was he pissed when he saw it!

He got the kids out of bed and filled a bowl with hot soapy water. First he made them clean up the bits then we asked what in the hell they were doing. P caved first, confessing that they were having an apple spitting contest. They were trying to determine who could spit the apple the highest. C chimed in to let us know he had won the contest because his apple spew went higher than any of P's. Good job baby, mommy is, well, I am not sure what mommy is because proud definitely is not the word.
My daddy will be staying with us this weekend so this is probably the last you will hear from me until next week sometime. I finished the baptism blanket for baby Kole last night and will post pictures sometime next week.

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