We carved pumpkins tonight. It went much better than last year. Last year Raoul nearly cut off Tweedle C's hand. What the hell, you ask? Well, Raoul was carving and C threw his hand into the pumpkin. He was centimeters away from a trip to the ER.

No one nearly lost hands this year but I almost lost my mind. Thank god I had some Boone's Sangria in the fridge to help me find my mind again. It significantly cut back on the "C stop it" and "P settle down" that we usually hear at family events.
P was a champ. She dug her hands right in there and started pulling out all that pumpkin crap. She squished it through her hands and pulled all the seeds out for me.

C, on the other hand, was a giant pussy who wouldn't put his hands into the pumpkin. He asked for a spoon to scoop the stuff out and then wouldn't even do that. We eventually put him on seed duty. You know, separate the seeds from the crap that comes out of the pumpkin.

Of course, in our house, the philosophy is go big or go the fuck home and we go big dammit. Last year Raoul broke out the power tools to ensure a perfect circle on ends of the dog bone (Chicken Shit's pumpkin). This year he broke out the drill to ensure perfect circles on the dog freckles.The pumpkins turned out great and the seeds are in the oven getting all toasted and yummy. So, while we wait, may I present: our pumpkins. The dog for C and the kitty for P.

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KandiB said...

Those are so cute! We can hardly get past the triangle eyes and jaggedy mouths (and I have an art degree!). ICLW