Guess who's a dumb ass

...come on. I'll give you one guess. Did you say me? You did! Then you get a gold star! Remember that wedding I spent quite a bit of time bitching about yesterday? The one that I couldn't find and got all pissy about and then resorted wine and chocolate on the couch with LMN? Guess what! The wedding was today not yesterday. Yup, I am a dumb ass.

The wedding ended up being a lot of fun after finally showed up on the correct day. And I am glad I went. I just wish I was able to go sans Tweedles because then I wouldn't have had to limit my Malibu and Pineapple to just two. But, PK and J were there and PK kept Tweedle C busy while I dealt with Tweedle P. It actually worked out quite nicely. We did a little drinking and a little dancing and the Tweedles did a lot of whining. As I was leaving the guys were trying to raise $50 to pay one of the ushers to run through the sprinklers naked. I would wager $50 bucks that he did it. He and the other usher started to party at 10am. Hey, we go big or we go the fuck home baby.


August Isn't quite done yet

I guess August isn't done screwing with me yet. I didn't go to the aforementioned wedding. Although it was not for lack of trying. I got myself all pretty and the kids looking nice (remember Raoul is gone so I was all alone in this effort). Getting ready was an effort in and of itself because I couldn't find what I wanted to wear and needed to find an appropriate substitute. Then the red pashmina for the substitute was missing and then the pink sweater for the second substitute was missing (remember the laundry pile I mentioned?) and ended up with option 4 which, I might add, really accented the girls nicely. So dressing took much longer than expected.

After much trouble getting ready, we got in the car and started driving. Now, there are two golf clubs on the same road and apparently I had them confused. I ended up going quite a bit out of my way because of this little oops. But we trucked on and headed to the other golf club. I guess I didn't know exactly where is was because when I got to were I thought it was it wasn't there. I got out the cell phone and called Raoul fulling expecting to here his "this is why we need a GPS" speech while trying to drive and ignore the Tweedles all at the same time. Thankfully, he was roaming and only had time to yell out directions before he cut out.

We finally got to our destination, parked, and headed into the hall. I noticed I didn't recognize any cars. Weird. Then I saw the DJ van, "huh, I thought they went with something else." We got inside and looked for our place cards. Odd, none there. I know I told her we were coming. We just talked about it last week. Then I noticed the picture of the bride and groom...yeah, totally not them. We were at the wrong place. Dammit! I called Raoul again, no answer. I called a couple of other people I knew would be there, no answer. Shit. I left really pissed off and completely defeated.

On the way home the Tweedles kept saying they didn't get to go to the wedding so they wanted to do something special instead. Bed sounds special! Lets go to bed when we get home. Thankfully, after some bargaining and arguing, they did but I didn't. I opened up the bottle of Riesling and sat on the couch with a bucket of chocolate ice cream and a spoon. I feel better now.

One final note, you may have noticed I have sold out. However, I have sold out for a good reason. The Tweedles may want to go to college someday and their mommy and daddy would rather have a boat than save for college. Just kidding!...or am I??? Go ahead, click around a bit, help send the Tweedles to college!

Please don't make me go!

I have a wedding to go to tonight and I don't really want to go. Raoul is out of town this weekend so I have to deal with the Tweedles as the wedding alone. That also means I have to drive. Which means I can't drink. Crap. I guess it will be an early night. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tweedle P started her Christmas list today. I told her Christmas was still far away and she said "Mommy, it is only 4 months away. You need time to save money so you can buy me everything on my list." Huh, I guess Raoul and I have failed teaching the whole meaning of Christmas thing. We'll have to do a better job of that this year.

I continue to be terribly lazy at home. I managed to get up the energy to wash and dry the laundry but I have not folded or put any of it away. It is laying in a pile on our bed. I either have to put it away or sleep on pooton (ha ha ha, that is what Tweedle C calls the Futon in the basement, a pooton! Love it!). It is much cooler in the basement than it is in the rest of the house since I am too cheap to turn on the AC. Alright, the pooton it is. Who needs folded laundry. We can just pick through the pile on the bed to find clothes.



I'm torn. I have a friend who is making some really bad decisions right now. Unfortunately, her decisions impact more than just her. I guess I should give a little background information. I have been friends with this couple since high school. They were high school sweethearts. A couple of years after high school, they started having some problems. She was really controlling and wanted him to stay home with her all the time. She rarely let him out of the house. He ended up cheating on her with this really wretched girl. I found out about the indiscretion shortly after they got engaged. Raoul insisted it wasn't my business and I should stay out of it. I wanted to tell her and he said no and it wasn't my place to tell.

They have been married for several years now and she continues to control his life. And now, she is making decisions for him that he is not ready for. He has told me he does not want what she is pushing for (several life changing moves) and will be very unhappy if she ends up going through with it. While he has no problem telling me, he refuses to tell her. I am closer to him than I am to her and I think he will be miserable if all of this happens. Again, Raoul says stay out of it. Raoul says our friend loves her and doesn't want to upset her so he won't speak up. If you were in my position, would you tell her he has reservations and she should talk to him or should I just stay out of it. What would you do?



A friend of mine says we should round up all the stupid people and send them to Australia. We both agree it would make driving, shopping, everything much easier. While checking out Problem Girl today I found something. I found the person who will become the Queen of the stupid. Go check out the You Tube video she posted. The rainbows will thank you!



I am having a hard time finding resources for women who want to donate their eggs. Isn't there anything out there? Am I not looking in the right places? I can't get clinics or agencies to call me back. I am following up on Friday with two local clinics. I have yet to hear from the agency. What do women who want to donate do? Where do they get their information? How do they get from the start to the finish. I knew the process was long and complicated and I might not get accepted into a program. What I didn't realize was I wouldn't even get to the starting point.

I read an article the other day that said egg donation is becoming a lucrative business. Women are selling their eggs to pay their bills in these hard economic times. I believe it was on CNN. Our local paper did a similar article. I got mad at that statement. A lucrative business? Never once did I think of this process as a business. A women's dreams are not a business. Why is it that women who are in for the money donate 4 or 5 times and me, who is doing this for philanthropic reasons, can't get anyone to return my phone calls? If I can find the article again I will link to it. I think it was from early August.

I'll keep tyring. I will follow up with the clinics on Friday (I took off that day) and see what they have to say. I will keep trying, as hard as it may be. Maybe my experience will give someone else the courage to do this and answer questions she may have along the way.


A new blog

I am starting another blog. What can I say? I'm hooked! This one will be a domestic diva blog that will focus on cooking. I have so many yummy recipes that I would love to share with everyone. I will try to post at least one recipe a week. First to come will be my famous egg roll recipe. My friend PK gets some serious cravings for these and we end up eating them at least twice a month. There is nothing up there now but I hope to have my first post up soon. Stop over and visit!



I would like to thank those of you who read my ranty post earlier today. It was on my mind and I needed to say it. So, as a reward, I offer pictures of the Tweedles and Chicken Shit.

Tweedle C and Tweedle P before haircuts (and Chicken Shit)
Tweedle C after haircut (check out those ears!)
And Tweedle P after haircut. I think she is adorable!


It is amazing how quickly your perspective can change. For me, I realized how differently I viewed pregnancy on Sunday night. A little over a year ago my friends M and J found out they were expecting. Of course, I was thrilled and wanted to send her a link to one of those pregnancy calendars that tells you what the baby is doing at a given point. I googled pregnancy calendar and came upon a website proclaiming "It turns out you can be a little pregnant." How is that possible, I thought. So, I clicked the link and ended up here.

For some reason, I couldn't stop reading. I went back and read all of her archives and followed her along her second pregnancy. In the process, I found other blogs written by women undergoing ART or who were raising children conceived using ART or who adopted. I laughed and cried with these women and felt like a part of their lives. But, I never commented on their blogs because I felt like an intruder. Why would they want someone who barely touched her husband and got pregnant reading about their struggles. And why would they care what I had to say? So, I stalked and lurked and only commented once in a while. As time went on I lost that feeling of guilt and gained a connection. I commented more and more and found I was reading 12 to 15 blogs a day that all pertained to infertility. Somehow, somewhere, this changed my perspective.

On Sunday, A and her husband J came over for Chinese food (I make a killer egg roll!). A had mentioned she rarely takes the first two or three days of her birth control pill. I thought "Wow. That is pretty crazy. The worst pills to miss are the first two or three. And to miss all of them! She's lucky she isn't pregnant." We went about our marry way, munching egg rolls and sticky rice and crab and cream cheese wontons. We watched the Bucket List and they left. As Raoul and I were getting ready for bed I started to get nervous, remembering the conversation about the BC pills. What if she can't get pregnant? What if she doesn't even need birth control because she is infertile? She is my best friend, the closest person to a sister that I have. Would she resent me because Raoul and I never struggled? Would I be a good friend and be able to offer the support she needs? What if she can get pregnant but can't stay pregnant.

I tried telling Raoul and he brushed it off. He said they they aren't pregnant yet because she takes her pills. "But she misses pills and I know they don't use condoms" I tried to explain. He went to bed. I couldn't. I sat in the living room wondering if, when she goes off the pill in September, they will be able to get pregnant. There is no indication she will have trouble. There is no history and they are younger than we are. But I couldn't get it out of my head.

As I spent more time thinking about, I marveled at how my perception has changed. Just one year ago I would have never thought those things. Infertility was barely a part of my life. The closest I came to it was the customers who would pick up meds over the years I worked in the pharmacy. My aunt also ended up adopting because she was never able to get pregnant but I was so young I don't remember very much of it. I guess those blogs impacted me more than I thought they would. I guess that is why I decided to donate my eggs.


Tweedle P Update

Apparently, I didn't cut Tweedle P's hair shoulder length. Apparently, I cut neck length! Neck length? What is neck length? Is that somewhere between chin and shoulder length? I'm not sure. However, regardless of what neck length is, Tweedle P isn't speaking to me. What does the mommy of a Hannah Montana obsessed 6 year old to bribe her into talking? Buy a 99 cent notebook and pen featuring the lovely HM and company. She screamed with joy, gave me a huge hug, and said she loves her hair. I'm telling you...mom of the year! Nominate me now!


One more thing!

Almost forgot the Tweedle P thing that happened tonight. Since Tweedle P was able to talk she has been a drama queen. She used to run into her room and throw herself on her bed crying "I can't take this anymore!" (Think Belle, Beauty and the Beast, Beast yells at Belle and she runs away). Tweedle P's hair was getting very long. Unfortunately, I cursed her with my baby fine hair so it looks like crap when I gets long. I decided it was time for a trim and I asked her how much she wanted cut off....mistake number 1. She said shoulder length. I said that would be pretty short and is she sure she wants that? "Uh, yes Mom. I said I wanted that didn't I?" "Okay, here we go", cut...cut...cut..."look how cut you look, you look like Kowie (her cousin, actually Kendall)". Mistake number 2. "But Kowie likes boy things and has a boy hair cut! YOU MADE ME A BOY!!!!!" Oh crap. Here comes the drama queen. First, she refused to come out of the bathroom. Then I convinced her no one would say a word about her hair. I told J, PK (friends), and Raoul not to comment on her hair. They agreed. Tweedle P came out and said to Raoul look how short my hair is. Crap! A trap! Don't say anything, please don't say anything..."Tweedle P! Your is so cute! You look like Kowie!" Dammit Raoul! Tweedle P runs out of the room, into her bedroom, slams the bedroom door, and refuses to come out the rest of the night. Next time, I will pick the hair length.

Raoul goes squirrel hunting

Wow! Busy week! Okay, I'm lying. I was a lazy thing all week long. I read a book. I actually read a book from cover to cover in less than a week. The last book I read I started in January and finished it in June. Thanks Tweedles! I also began knitting my nephews blanket, realized I cast on too many stitches and the cable knit wouldn't turn out correctly, pulled off the 11 rows I finished and started over. I am about 20 rows in...110 rows to go. It is cute. I will post pictures when I am done. I also colored my hair from medium blond to reddish brown. Here is what I didn't do this week that really needed to get done:
1) Vacuum
2) Dust
3) Make more than noodles or grilled cheese for dinner
4) Shower...KIDDING! I showered.......most days.
5) Clean the toy room
6) Wipe Tweedle toothpaste residue out of the sink
7) Laundry
Ah, the joy of laziness. I will pay for it when Tweedle P comes out of room tomorrow and proclaims she is out of clean "panties" Yup, she calls them panties. So does Tweedle C which is much more disturbing.

I went to our family house north of home today. We have a farm up there with grapes and pumpkins and horses and lots of fun farm stuff. My grandpa told me today he is digging up the grapes, tearing down the barn, and the horses are moving out. He asked me if wanted to take the grapes home with me in the spring when they are back from AZ. I told him I would. Then I came home and told Raoul that we are going to the farm in April to dig up grapes that have been in the ground for 10 years. He was thrilled! I am sure you can sense the sarcasm. My grandpa also put my silver spoon raised cousin to work which was HIGH-larious. The boy is almost 20 and has never worked a day in his life. He doesn't even clean his room because the cleaning lady does it. My grandpa decided the creek in the floor in front of his lazy boy is more getting annoying so he sent J into the basement, into the walls with the spiders and bugs so he could shim the floor. Oh how we did all laugh! The boy decided to climb out head first but the space he used to access the area is 9 feet off the ground. My brother had to catch him and carry him away from the wall. I almost peed my pants. I was great!

What the hell was the purpose of this post? Ooooo.....Raoul goes squirrel hunting. My lazy ass was sitting on the couch with my feet up finishing my book when Raoul came in carrying a very large paint ball gun, proclaiming "Damn squirrels!" "What's goin' on baby?" I ask. He begins to explain he is sick of the squirrels digging up the mulch and the yard. He was getting ready to go mountain biking (I live in WI by the way, explain how the hell he mountain bikes!) and saw a squirrel sitting on the bench he gave me. His paint ball gun happened to be sitting near by so he grabbed it and started shooting at the squirrel. However, he was aiming above the squirrels head because he didn't want to hurt it. Apparently he doesn't consider a little squirrel heart attack as something that would hurt. I am half expecting to come home one day with Raoul staked out on the porch in camo, beer in one hand, paint ball gun in the other, waiting for squirrel. Squirrel soup party, my house, next weekend! Everyone is invited!


I think August hates me

....Actually, I know August hates me. I had to work this morning and was just about to climb into my car when I realized my purse and all of it's contents were laying on the car seat. Damn kids, I thought. They are always looking for change to use in the gumball machine. Then I looked a bit closer and saw my glove box was open, the center console was open, and a CD case was laying on the ground. That's right, my car had been broken into. I spent all morning canceling credit cards, filing police reports, and cleaning up the mess that was left. I felt completely invaded. This ass wipe has my name, my address, my drivers license number, EVERYTHING! I live in a quiet neighborhood in a great community. The only reason anyone comes into my neighborhood is is they live there or know someone who lives there. I was afraid to drive my car. I just felt weird and wrong. I eventually did but I was very uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes.

As if that isn't bad enough, a family member died on Friday but I didn't find our until today. He wasn't of blood relation to me but I am very close with the people that he is of blood relation to. I am thinking the funeral will be tomorrow or Tuesday but I can't say for sure. They say bad things come in three, what else is next?


My first real knitting project

It is no secret that Raoul's sister and I don't get along. We never really have. We are quite cordial to each other but it never goes beyond that. She just had a little boy and I wanted to do something nice for the baptism. I spent some time at Things Remembered looking for something baptismy but didn't find anything I liked. I was shopping at Wally-World for a birthday the kids have tomorrow and happened upon the craft section. Then it hit me...A BLANKET! I have been trying to knit for a long time and this is the perfect reason. I bought the softest yarn and found an adorable pattern. I have 2 months until the baptism and that should be plenty of time to get the pattern right. I'll post pictures when I am done. I am really excited!

Blogger Block

Since I have nothing to bitch about now that hell week is over and and still haven't heard anything about the egg donor program I have a little blogger block. I decided to post pictures of some flowers around the yard. Enjoy! Lillies outside Tweedle P's window
Violets on the front porch.

The Hero Rose outside in one of the front gardens.

In the pot next to bench in the back yard

Another Orange Velvet Lilly outside the Tweedle's windows.


I think it is over

Well, I think the hell is nearly over. I should be done with the extra work I have had these last few weeks. I still have more work than usual but I don't think I will be pulling another 75 hour week like I did this week. Our demos went well. I am pretty sure at least one of the prospects will sign with us, if not both. My boss was very complimentary about the work I did and understood the effort I put into it. I am hoping to do more of this type of work as it is different and truly challenged my intellect.

I feel as though I may have jinxed my little Tweedle C. For the last six months Tweedle C would pee with the seat down. I would usually end up going to bathroom shortly after him and get a wet ass. Thanks Tweedle C! Mommy loves you! As I was saying, Tweedle C pees with the seat down. Several months ago the seat slammed on my poor little C's penis (or his peanuts as he calls it). Ever since then, he has peed with the seat down. Well, we had a conversation last week about peeing with the seat up so Mommy doesn't get a wet butt. The conversation didn't end well because somehow went from peeing to playing and that it is not appropriate to play with our penis in public, only the privacy of our rooms. Well, somehow something got through. He has started to pee with the seat up. Unfortunately, only days later, he slammed his little penis again. I am not good at the slammed the toilet lid on my penis conversation since I don't have a penis and all. But Raoul wasn't home so I did the best I could. I don't think I did very well. I guess it is back to a wet ass for me.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Busted. She transferred one totscicle today. I am keeping my fingers and my toes and anything else I can cross in hopes that she sees a BFP in a few weeks. Good luck Busted! Think implanting thoughts!!!!

Ooo, one more thing. My dearest Chicken Shit. The next time you decide to grow balls and fight with Fat Ass at 4 in the fucking morning, I will gate your sorry ass in the kitchen. I mean it Chicken Shit. Leave Fat Ass alone.


Is this month over yet?

I think has been the longest weekend in history. I have three huge projects due by Thursday this week. I worked until 1am Friday and Saturday. In an effort to avoid working until 1am, I tried to work Sunday afternoon while the kids occupied themselves. Unfortunately, the remote computer I use to connect to my PC at work wasn't working. By the time it started working it was 8pm. It is now midnight and I am just finishing up. Between these presentations and the new hire (I am head of the training team), I have had a hectic 2 weeks. I have been rather crabby and Raoul has been very tolerant.

I did some more googling about donor eggs. I was trying to keep the information I gathered about the process obtained purely from medical professionals. But, I am impatient. The process is quite lengthy. I will need to submit pictures of myself now and as a kid. I will have to take IQ tests and submit my ACT/SAT scores. And, since I have kids, I will have to submit pictures of them as well. Of course, this is on top of the blood work and physicals that are required. Of course, I knew most of this but seeing it laid out on paper is a little overwhelming. I am getting a little nervous that I am too old. Most of the sites I went to required donors to be under 29 and preferably under 27. The agency where I applied was looking for women aged 25 to 32 so I am in the middle there. I also read an article that said women are donating their eggs to make money in the bad economy. I guess clinics have gone from a shortage of donors to a surplus of donors because of that. That means I may go through all of the work and never even donate a thing. I have to take all of the tests to get accepted into the program but that doesn't guarantee that I will be picked. I am not sure how I feel about that. Right now just feels like the right time to do this. I have a very flexible employer so I will have no problem leaving the office or working from home during the actual donation which requires almost daily testing. I am excited to get the process started but I will be nervous until it is all underway.

Okay, it is past midnight and this week will be very hectic at the office. If I don't sign off soon Raoul will find me drooling on the keyboard in the morning!


It is summer right?

Will someone please explain to me why my employer feels it is necessary to set the air conditioner to sub arctic temps in August? When I needed to drink hot chocolate for breakfast and wear a sweater on top of another sweater AND use a space heater under my desk I got a little, um, pissy. When I got a meeting invite and the location was "some place warm" I realized I wasn't the only pissy one. Seriously, can we turn the temp up a bit people? I mean 60 degrees would feel tropic compared to what we have going on right now. Please? Tell you what, I'll bake some brownies, you turn up the heat, deal?

In other news, a little house keeping. Housekeeping already? Christ you have only been blogging for 5 days, what the hell? Well, this totally wasn't my fault. J has decided I need to make some changes to my newly created blog. First of all, he feels that he should have a more exotic name. You see, my name is not Collette. But please don't feel totally cheated, my name was Collette for 5 years of french class. Anyway, J felt since my blogger name was a little more exotic than my actual name, he deserved something more exotic as well. So, from this point forward, J will be referred to as Raoul. He also decided Chicken was not an appropriate name for our dog. He determined Chicken Shit would be better. So, from this point forward, Chicken will be known as Chicken Shit.

No news on the donor egg front. I am guessing it will take a while to review my application and get me in touch with an agency. I am pretty excited though. I checked my e-mail every five minutes hoping they contacted me. I even checked my voice mail and I never check my voice mail.

Tonight, Tweedle P said something I was not ready to hear. Our evening started like any other evening, the Tweedles fighting while I checked in on my favorite blogs trying to drown out the Tweedle noise. But, the noise was getting too loud so I decided to bribe them with TV. I asked Tweedle P what she wanted to watch and she those words, those two words that shook me to the core. Hannah fucking Montana! Okay, she didn't say fucking but crap. When did that start? Apparently it is her favorite show. What? What happened to Little Einsteins. Last I checked that was her favorite show. Hannah Fucking Montana. Shoot me now.


I did it

I submitted my pre-screening application for egg donation. J and I talked about it and we both feel the same way. If I can help someone achieve their dream of having a family there is not a single negative aspect that can override that. We'll see what happens from here. I am a little nervous about the side effects the meds can cause but I know it will be worth it.

In other news, the Tweedles really pissed me off tonight. They were especially wild and I am especially tired. I have a huge project due next week and I have been putting in many extra hours at night. So, when Tweedle C laughed at me when I asked him to get his jammies on I lost it. They went to bed at 7:30 and I promptly opened a bottle of wine, no glass. And a I ate the last brownie. Sorry J! Love you sweetie!

Well, back to work. This presentation is due the 14th and I really need to make some good progress tonight. Sleep tight my little ones.

Donor Eggs

I am considering donating my eggs. My husband and I are blessed enough to have two healthy, beautiful children. But, as evident by my blog roll, there are so many women who struggle to have children. It breaks my heart. I am drawn to them by their strength and their determination and I have decided I want to help in anyway possible.

I will begin looking into the process very shortly. The tweedles will be back in school soon and I am thinking that will be a good time to start everything. I need to find an agency, pull together my paperwork, have enough blood drawn to drown a pig, and then wait. Wait for someone to pick me. It feels like 6th grade gym all over again! What if they don't pick me? What if I am not good enough?

If anyone has information they can share about the donor egg process I would love to hear it.


The Players

Who are the players in this blog you ask? Well, there are six of us. Lets start from the top.

The Husband who, from this point forward, will be referred to as J. J is in the sports and entertainment industry. He spends a lot of time watching ESPN claiming he is doing research. Research my ass, he is trying to avoid mowing the lawn and rubbing my feet. Aaanywaay....J and I have been married since 2000. We had a quicky wedding in Vegas and as we was about to head to boot camp. Luckily, he hurt in ankle very badly and was discharged 2 months later. We have been mostly happily married ever since.

Then their is the daughter, Tweedle P. Tweedle P was conceived on a bar table on my 21st birthday. Yes, thats right, a bar table. And, no, there wasn't anyone else around. Tweedle P is now 6 and the girliest girl I know. She won't wear pants or shorts ever. And, she must wear pink everyday. Apparently, she and her friends have put these rules in place for everyones protection, just ask her. Tweedle P will be in first grade this year. She is quite cute, she looks just like me.

Next in line is the son, Tweedle C. Tweedle C's conception was a little less glamorous. I was out of town with Tweedle P for 10 days and J had a hard time keeping away from me when I got home. Tweedle C is all boy, he runs, he jumps on the couch, he climbs on the counter, he has had more head injuries than anyone else I know. Tweedle C is starting preschool in the fall. I am sad, I may need a box of wine for that day.

The rest of the Tweedle family is comprised of the cat and the dog whom we will call Fat Ass and Chicken. Fat Ass is our cat. She is a bitch. She only lets J and I touch her. Chicken is the dog. He is 80 pounds of black hair that is scared to death of Fat Ass. He sits on the floor whimpering whenever she walks by.

That's it. Now that you know about me, tell me about you.

Why Start a Blog?

I am a mommy. I realized about six months ago being a mommy completely defined me. We had some neighbors move in down the street and when asked about my interests all I could think of was skiing...I haven't skied since 1998! When the conversation moved to TV I found the only thing I could really comment on with any real knowledge was Little Einsteins and The Wonder Pets. Things just got worse from there. As my husband and I walked home, he pointed out it might be beneficial if I found a hobby and got out of the house a bit more. Of course, I still haven't decided if my being out of the house was more beneficial for me or for him. Anyway, I digress. I decided I would try knitting. I think I am doing okay, I have almost finished a scarf. Although, considering I started knitting in January and have yet to finish that first scarf, maybe I am not doing okay. Where was I? Oh yes, defined by mommy hood, writing a blog. Yes.

I started to think about writing a blog. You see, I have been stalking many blogs for about a year now. It started with Julie over at a little pregnant and it just went downhill from there. I spend more time on blogs than I do working. I read many blogs about women who have trouble getting and or staying pregnant. I decided a while ago I would donate my eggs. And, I decided recently now is the right time. I wanted to keep track of my experience and a blog seemed perfect. So, as became more serious about starting a blog my mom called and suggested I start one so she can keep up with the kids and their little kid lives. I jumped at the chance but quickly realized the type of blog I wanted to write was not the type of blog I wanted my mom reading...she is pretty conservative. Actually, she drinks and swears more than I do. But, she thinks I am pretty conservative. And I can be but not all the time. So, I have my "family blog" where I post cute pictures of my kids and talk about ballet and soccer and school. And then there is this blog, where I bitch about people that piss me off and where I can say fuck and not be afraid my mom will read it.