Damn kids ruin everything

I have been meaning to move some plants around before it gets too cold and I can't do it anymore but I haven't been able to find the time. I have beds that start on one side of the driveway and wrap all the way around the house to the back yard. When we bought the house every bed in the front yard was empty. Raoul gave me a rose plant for our anniversary the first year we were in the house and he and the kids planted it in one of the front beds. This spring my aunt gave me a lot of plants from her garden that I promptly put into the ground. Most of the beds are full now but there is still a huge bed below our bedroom window that is empty. I want to move plants from one of the smaller beds next to the driveway to the larger bed under the windows. But, time is my enemy. I spent August and much of September working 7 days a week. And, when I wasn't working I had these pesky little things called children to deal with. They kept demanding I play with them and spend time with them. I know I am one fun SOB but come on, give mommy a break...please! Of course there was also the housework and the blanket I am trying to knit for a baptism on Sunday (if you click the link you will see I said I had two months to work on it. Funny how one can procrastinate so long that suddenly the baptism is next weekend and the project has hardly been touched. If I don't post much this week, you know why). The plants just kept getting pushed back to "next weekend." Well, next weekend has come and gone every week for 5 weeks now and they still sit crowded in the little beds. It is getting too cold to move anything now. I'm afraid if I move them the roots won't have time to take and the plant will die. Looks like those damn children will get their and their fun mommy will be playing instead of planting.

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