Put out an Amber alert...

...Duckie is missing. Duckie is C's duck. P gave C Duckie the day he was born and that duck has hardly left his side ever since. Duckie has slept snuggled up to C every night since the day he came home from the hospital. Duckie has learned to fly (C put him on the ceiling fan and pushed the blades so Duckie would "fly" off), learned to play nice with cats (P's favorite animal is Kittie and her and Duckie are best friends), and has been the bestest friend you could ever ask for. He never once judged and always stood by C's side.

Saturday started out just lovely. The kids slept over at separate family member's houses and I got to sleep until 9am! I took my time getting up, took the dog for a walk, and relaxed for a little while. I picked P up from my aunts and headed over to Raoul's sisters to get C. When we got there C immediately started to cry. My sister in law looked at me and said, "Mom forgot Duckie, she is going to mail first thing in the morning." (C slept at Raoul's mom's and then his sister brought him to her house so the boys could play for awhile.) Why not mail him today? Why isn't she going home right now to get Duckie and put bring him to UPS so he will be here in the morning? Doesn't she understand how important this duck is?

We went home and I convinced C he would be fine for one night without Duckie. He took advantage of the situation and said he would only be fine if he slept in my bed. He really knows how to milk a situation. At 9pm, my mother in law called me and said, "Is Duckie there with you? We can't find him." I'm sorry! You what? You LOST the most important thing in our son's life? The one thing he loves and cherishes more than anything! No, Duckie is not with me! Don't you think I already looked just in case? Why are you waiting until 9 at night to look for him?

I asked C where he left Duckie and told the MIL to look there. She said she would look and send it out in the morning. If she didn't find him, she would call me. Jesus! Don't you understand who Duckie is???!?!?!!? She never called.

C woke up this morning crying because he still didn't have Duckie. MIL still hadn't called me back to tell me whether or not she found him. So, I made Raoul do it. She is his mom, he can deal with it. Turns out she had found Duckie and is putting him in the mail tomorrow (Monday). What the hell!!!!! He needs that duck. Now you are telling me he won't get it until Tuesday!

We would have driven the hour to her house to get it expect I had to work Sunday and Raoul has a terrible chest cold, pink eye with some funky black spot in the middle, and threw out his back and can hardly move (who wants to come live with me right now? Come on, you know you want to.) He is in no shape to go anywhere. She knew that, we told her that. We told her Raoul couldn't move and I had to work. Did I mention this is your grandson's bestest friend in the whole entire world!!!!!! Don't you care? I left my nigh nigh at my grandma's when I was and she was willing to drive 3 hours to drop it off. My mom wouldn't let her and told her to mail it. All I am asking for is to have found it right away and over nighted it to us. Is that too much to ask?

We will be playing another round of musical beds in the d'Orchidee house tonight. C is sleeping in my bed, Raoul is sleeping in the top bunk bed, and I don't expect P to stay in her bed. I don't usually leave our bed so I will either be sleeping with a 4 year old or snuggled between a 4 and 6 year old. Either way, I will be getting kicked most of the night. Duckie, please come home, we miss you!

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