Random thoughts that are not in depth enough for their own post

I got some really bad new this weekend. My brother broke it to me on Friday night over dinner. I could tell something was wrong when he got here. He was quiet, withdrawn, and distant. Was everything okay with his wife? Yes. Did something happen at work? No. Then what, me dear brother, what? Our favorite couple broke up. Hef and Holly are no longer together. Hef and Holly broke up. Thank goodness my dad was hear to buy pizza and beer to help me drown my sorrows.
Things on Tweedle P's Christmas list (keep in mind, she is six)
  • A Wii
  • A Nintendo DS
  • An iPod
  • A cell phone
  • A phone in her bedroom
  • A TV in her bedroom
  • Her own phone number for the phone in her bedroom
  • A DVD play for said TV
  • Cable for said TV

Santa better start saving because Tweedle C is starting to think her list sounds pretty sweet and he might need all of that as well.


I was really excited to redo Tweedle P's bedroom in pink and green. I love the color combo and she is such a girly girl I though it would be perfect. I had paint swatches and was ready to go. I even posted a big long post on my not secret blog and got my mom really excited because she also loves those colors.

I guess I forgot to remember that Tweedle P is growing up and not really interested in a pink and green bedroom. She is interested in big girl things now and her room should reflect that. So, I am thinking purple walls with pink accents, more grown up bedding, and white furniture. And, to reflect her love of the HM, my ever talented husband is going to fashion a guitar headboard which I will paint to match the room. I think it is better this way. She will have a room she can grow into, not grow out of.


Meredith said...

P's Christmas list sounds a little like yours when we were growing up... phone in the bedroom, private phone number... although we were, not 6! Too funny. I miss my tweedles...

Aunt Becky said...

I was actually kinda sad that they broke up! Which is sadder than ever.