Busy Busy Busy

Whoa it has been a busy week! Sorry for my abscense but I just couldn't get away to blog.

I pulled an all nighter on Tuesday trying to stay ahead of my work for the week but I guess all night wasn't enough because I still ended up working after the kids went to bed on Wednesday and Thursday. I can't decide if trying to switch from 5 days in the office to 2 days in the office and 3 days at home is causing my issues or if we are just really busy. I am much more distracted at home and my internet connection is slower since I have to remote into two different computers to get into my work PC and the kids are terribly distracting. I have been with this company since Jan 2007 and I have never been this crazy. I usually end up taking everyone elses work because I am so slow but these past few months I have been unloading as much as I can. I keep thinking this week is the last busy week and things will clear up but then more crap falls on my plate and I am busy again and there is not much I can do about it. I am one of two lead trainers and I have a new hire coming in on the 3rd. New hires take up about 60 to 70% of my time their first 3 weeks so I can honestly say things will not be getting better anytime soon. I really need a mental health day but it isn't looking plausible. I am thinking the next break I will get is Thanksgiving week. I have off Wednesday through Sunday. Yeah!

Okay, okay, enough bitching. On to the fun things that kept me away from the internets (but oh how you were missed). On Friday we were all set to go to a high school football game but it ended up raining so, at the last minute, we decided not to go. Kendall spent the night and the kids had a blast with her. Of course, they always do. We watched Harry Potter and ate Culvers frozen custard and worked on the kids Halloween costumes. Tweedle C spent the night getting me drunk. I would hardly finish a mojito before he had another one in my hand. I wonder if Raoul was paying him....

Saturday was our annual Halloween cookie decorating day. All of the kids head over to my aunts house, gather around the table, and frost cookies. We do it every Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and once in the summer. The kids lick the knives and eat the candy sprinkles, their faces get covered in bright frosting, they sneak cookies left and right. They are so hopped up on sugar by the end of the day that they bounce and wiggle when they are just standing around. You couldn't pay me to miss a cookie day. We have been doing this since I was 16, I am now 28, you do the math.

Today was terribly bitter sweet. We went up to the family farm to drop off Raoul's boat to store for the winter and to dig up and bring home the grape vines that have been there for more than 10 years. My grandpa is tearing down the barn soon and today was the last day I would see it standing. My great grandfather bought the farm in the 40's, passed it to my grandpa and his brothers, and then my grandpa bought his brothers out in the 70's. I have never known the farm not to have a barn on it. But, it is in terrible shape and either needs to get fixed or come down. My grandparents spend 6 months a year out west so it doesn't make sense to fix it up.

I did, however, learn that there is money buried somewhere on those 200 acres. The man who sold it to my great grandfather told him his father buried money on the farm but no one knows where. Considering the farm was purchased in the 40's I think it is safe to assume it is depression era money. He has some treasure hunters coming out in the spring after they get home from the west. I am not sure if they will find anything but it was definitely fun to talk about over dinner! Raoul and I are planning on going to the treasure hunt just to watch.

I took oodles of pictures this weekend and plan to scrapblog them sometime soon. And I will probably do a wordless Wednesday to make up for missing foto Friday. So stop back to see the fun with cookies and fun with tractors pictures on Wednesday! Toodles

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