Dinner Conversation (Updated)

Things discussed over BBQ chicken pizza with my dad and Raoul tonight:
  • Why married men live longer than single men (because wives allow married men to make fewer stupid decisions)
  • The stupid mistakes single men make that cause them to die sooner
  • Why Raould can't wait until I die (so he can fish everyday, my we are in love)
  • Why men in Vegas don't get married
  • How much hookers cost in Vegas
  • The difference between an expensive hooker and a cheap hooker
  • The correlation between low number of married men and high number of hookers in Vegas
  • Why both presidential candidates suck
  • Maybe the presidential candidates should spend more time in Vegas (ie hookers)
  • Why hookers are cheaper than a wife

As you probably guessed, the conversation was mostly between Raoul and my dad. I didn't pipe in too much beyond bullet point number 1. For some reason I feel like that may not be your typical American dinner conversation. Things are never boring at my house!

Updated: I just just checked my stats and I have had 15 hits today by people googling hookers. 15...in one day...googling hookers. I don't even know what to say about that.

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Aunt Becky said...

But what ARE the differences between good and cheap hookers?