Conversation around the breakfast table

P: My tummy hurts

C: Maybe you have to poop

P: I do not have to poop

C: But that is the trick, you have to poop

P: C, stop it. Girls don't poop.

C: Yes they do. That is the trick. Just go poop.

P: Fine! I will try. Jeez C.

Tweedle P stomps off to the bathroom and closes the door. Raoul checks on her 5 minutes later and she proclaims it will be awhile. Ten minutes after that the toilet flushes.

C (after hearing the toilet flush): Yeah! Good job P. That did the trick.


Tiffi33 said...

ha! Girls don't poop..lmao..

Oh the things you never expect to hear when before you have kids..lol

Kristin said...

ROFL...that is funny!


Andrea said...

I remember being young and trying to convince boys that girls didn't do any of that gross stuff! ::giggles like a school girl::