The Players

Who are the players in this blog you ask? Well, there are six of us. Lets start from the top.

The Husband who, from this point forward, will be referred to as J. J is in the sports and entertainment industry. He spends a lot of time watching ESPN claiming he is doing research. Research my ass, he is trying to avoid mowing the lawn and rubbing my feet. Aaanywaay....J and I have been married since 2000. We had a quicky wedding in Vegas and as we was about to head to boot camp. Luckily, he hurt in ankle very badly and was discharged 2 months later. We have been mostly happily married ever since.

Then their is the daughter, Tweedle P. Tweedle P was conceived on a bar table on my 21st birthday. Yes, thats right, a bar table. And, no, there wasn't anyone else around. Tweedle P is now 6 and the girliest girl I know. She won't wear pants or shorts ever. And, she must wear pink everyday. Apparently, she and her friends have put these rules in place for everyones protection, just ask her. Tweedle P will be in first grade this year. She is quite cute, she looks just like me.

Next in line is the son, Tweedle C. Tweedle C's conception was a little less glamorous. I was out of town with Tweedle P for 10 days and J had a hard time keeping away from me when I got home. Tweedle C is all boy, he runs, he jumps on the couch, he climbs on the counter, he has had more head injuries than anyone else I know. Tweedle C is starting preschool in the fall. I am sad, I may need a box of wine for that day.

The rest of the Tweedle family is comprised of the cat and the dog whom we will call Fat Ass and Chicken. Fat Ass is our cat. She is a bitch. She only lets J and I touch her. Chicken is the dog. He is 80 pounds of black hair that is scared to death of Fat Ass. He sits on the floor whimpering whenever she walks by.

That's it. Now that you know about me, tell me about you.

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