This pisses me off

I can't stand this kind of reporting. It makes egg donors out to be money hungry women with no heart. Especially when the 26 year old with 5 kids says the egg donation process is tedious and, if it were not for the money, she would not do it. She is on her third cycle and, according to GMA, she has made a "small fortune". I have seen more and more articles and "news stories" about donation and it makes me mad every time I watch or read something about it. The reports are so biased and lack any kind of research. It just pisses me off.

And, while we are at it, this pisses me off too.

Thanks for the heads up Mere. I appreciate it.

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Brenda said...

What irritating reporting! We are using an egg donor, and we wouldn't feel comfortable doing it if she was "only in it for the money." The woman we are working with has two kids of her own and has been really wonderful during this whole process. Bhah. Sensational reporters.