Maybe we do have it (Updated)

I picked Tweedle P up from school today and went to give her a kiss when I noticed them, several distinct sores around the corner of her mouth. I didn't want to make a big deal out of them because I didn't want her to go all dramatic on my arse and make a bigger deal out of them than they really are. I waited for my moment to come. The moment when I could ask her what is up with the shit around your mouth and not seem all oh my poor baby you are sick let mommy give you a big ooey gooey hug.

I decided to take my chance when I was getting her into her booster seat and buckeling her in. "What's that on your lip?" I asked. "Oh, you mean this (licking at it)? I don't know but it really hurts and I keep licking which makes it hurt worse but then I feel like I have to lick it." Okay, maybe she isn't as smart as we thought. It hurts when I lick it so I lick it? Genius my bella baby, absolutely genius! I brushed it off, told her to stop licking it, and that we would put some lip butter on it when we got home.

We headed off to her first dance class and she was pretty sleepey. She kind of complained that she wanted to go home when she came out to change from ballet shoes into tap shoes and wasn't really interested in dinner. She just sat around and waited for class to start. Normally she runs and plays.

I was sure she was getting sick but now she won't go to bed. She is playing with Tweedle C regardless of the fact that Raoul and I keep yelling at them. She was running through the house screaming and laughing. So, is she sick or isn't she? Do I send her to school or not? Are the sores around her mouth just a crazy co-inky-dink or are the start of week-o-hell? Ugh! I hate this!

Update: As of Saturday October 4th, we do not have it and I don't think we are going to get it!

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