One more thing!

Almost forgot the Tweedle P thing that happened tonight. Since Tweedle P was able to talk she has been a drama queen. She used to run into her room and throw herself on her bed crying "I can't take this anymore!" (Think Belle, Beauty and the Beast, Beast yells at Belle and she runs away). Tweedle P's hair was getting very long. Unfortunately, I cursed her with my baby fine hair so it looks like crap when I gets long. I decided it was time for a trim and I asked her how much she wanted cut off....mistake number 1. She said shoulder length. I said that would be pretty short and is she sure she wants that? "Uh, yes Mom. I said I wanted that didn't I?" "Okay, here we go", cut...cut...cut..."look how cut you look, you look like Kowie (her cousin, actually Kendall)". Mistake number 2. "But Kowie likes boy things and has a boy hair cut! YOU MADE ME A BOY!!!!!" Oh crap. Here comes the drama queen. First, she refused to come out of the bathroom. Then I convinced her no one would say a word about her hair. I told J, PK (friends), and Raoul not to comment on her hair. They agreed. Tweedle P came out and said to Raoul look how short my hair is. Crap! A trap! Don't say anything, please don't say anything..."Tweedle P! Your is so cute! You look like Kowie!" Dammit Raoul! Tweedle P runs out of the room, into her bedroom, slams the bedroom door, and refuses to come out the rest of the night. Next time, I will pick the hair length.

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Tiffi33 said...

THAT is one for the scrapbook there...you need to get a pic of her scowling (I am sure it is adorable, her scowl!!!)