Please don't make me go!

I have a wedding to go to tonight and I don't really want to go. Raoul is out of town this weekend so I have to deal with the Tweedles as the wedding alone. That also means I have to drive. Which means I can't drink. Crap. I guess it will be an early night. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tweedle P started her Christmas list today. I told her Christmas was still far away and she said "Mommy, it is only 4 months away. You need time to save money so you can buy me everything on my list." Huh, I guess Raoul and I have failed teaching the whole meaning of Christmas thing. We'll have to do a better job of that this year.

I continue to be terribly lazy at home. I managed to get up the energy to wash and dry the laundry but I have not folded or put any of it away. It is laying in a pile on our bed. I either have to put it away or sleep on pooton (ha ha ha, that is what Tweedle C calls the Futon in the basement, a pooton! Love it!). It is much cooler in the basement than it is in the rest of the house since I am too cheap to turn on the AC. Alright, the pooton it is. Who needs folded laundry. We can just pick through the pile on the bed to find clothes.

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