Is this month over yet?

I think has been the longest weekend in history. I have three huge projects due by Thursday this week. I worked until 1am Friday and Saturday. In an effort to avoid working until 1am, I tried to work Sunday afternoon while the kids occupied themselves. Unfortunately, the remote computer I use to connect to my PC at work wasn't working. By the time it started working it was 8pm. It is now midnight and I am just finishing up. Between these presentations and the new hire (I am head of the training team), I have had a hectic 2 weeks. I have been rather crabby and Raoul has been very tolerant.

I did some more googling about donor eggs. I was trying to keep the information I gathered about the process obtained purely from medical professionals. But, I am impatient. The process is quite lengthy. I will need to submit pictures of myself now and as a kid. I will have to take IQ tests and submit my ACT/SAT scores. And, since I have kids, I will have to submit pictures of them as well. Of course, this is on top of the blood work and physicals that are required. Of course, I knew most of this but seeing it laid out on paper is a little overwhelming. I am getting a little nervous that I am too old. Most of the sites I went to required donors to be under 29 and preferably under 27. The agency where I applied was looking for women aged 25 to 32 so I am in the middle there. I also read an article that said women are donating their eggs to make money in the bad economy. I guess clinics have gone from a shortage of donors to a surplus of donors because of that. That means I may go through all of the work and never even donate a thing. I have to take all of the tests to get accepted into the program but that doesn't guarantee that I will be picked. I am not sure how I feel about that. Right now just feels like the right time to do this. I have a very flexible employer so I will have no problem leaving the office or working from home during the actual donation which requires almost daily testing. I am excited to get the process started but I will be nervous until it is all underway.

Okay, it is past midnight and this week will be very hectic at the office. If I don't sign off soon Raoul will find me drooling on the keyboard in the morning!

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