It is summer right?

Will someone please explain to me why my employer feels it is necessary to set the air conditioner to sub arctic temps in August? When I needed to drink hot chocolate for breakfast and wear a sweater on top of another sweater AND use a space heater under my desk I got a little, um, pissy. When I got a meeting invite and the location was "some place warm" I realized I wasn't the only pissy one. Seriously, can we turn the temp up a bit people? I mean 60 degrees would feel tropic compared to what we have going on right now. Please? Tell you what, I'll bake some brownies, you turn up the heat, deal?

In other news, a little house keeping. Housekeeping already? Christ you have only been blogging for 5 days, what the hell? Well, this totally wasn't my fault. J has decided I need to make some changes to my newly created blog. First of all, he feels that he should have a more exotic name. You see, my name is not Collette. But please don't feel totally cheated, my name was Collette for 5 years of french class. Anyway, J felt since my blogger name was a little more exotic than my actual name, he deserved something more exotic as well. So, from this point forward, J will be referred to as Raoul. He also decided Chicken was not an appropriate name for our dog. He determined Chicken Shit would be better. So, from this point forward, Chicken will be known as Chicken Shit.

No news on the donor egg front. I am guessing it will take a while to review my application and get me in touch with an agency. I am pretty excited though. I checked my e-mail every five minutes hoping they contacted me. I even checked my voice mail and I never check my voice mail.

Tonight, Tweedle P said something I was not ready to hear. Our evening started like any other evening, the Tweedles fighting while I checked in on my favorite blogs trying to drown out the Tweedle noise. But, the noise was getting too loud so I decided to bribe them with TV. I asked Tweedle P what she wanted to watch and she those words, those two words that shook me to the core. Hannah fucking Montana! Okay, she didn't say fucking but crap. When did that start? Apparently it is her favorite show. What? What happened to Little Einsteins. Last I checked that was her favorite show. Hannah Fucking Montana. Shoot me now.

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