I think it is over

Well, I think the hell is nearly over. I should be done with the extra work I have had these last few weeks. I still have more work than usual but I don't think I will be pulling another 75 hour week like I did this week. Our demos went well. I am pretty sure at least one of the prospects will sign with us, if not both. My boss was very complimentary about the work I did and understood the effort I put into it. I am hoping to do more of this type of work as it is different and truly challenged my intellect.

I feel as though I may have jinxed my little Tweedle C. For the last six months Tweedle C would pee with the seat down. I would usually end up going to bathroom shortly after him and get a wet ass. Thanks Tweedle C! Mommy loves you! As I was saying, Tweedle C pees with the seat down. Several months ago the seat slammed on my poor little C's penis (or his peanuts as he calls it). Ever since then, he has peed with the seat down. Well, we had a conversation last week about peeing with the seat up so Mommy doesn't get a wet butt. The conversation didn't end well because somehow went from peeing to playing and that it is not appropriate to play with our penis in public, only the privacy of our rooms. Well, somehow something got through. He has started to pee with the seat up. Unfortunately, only days later, he slammed his little penis again. I am not good at the slammed the toilet lid on my penis conversation since I don't have a penis and all. But Raoul wasn't home so I did the best I could. I don't think I did very well. I guess it is back to a wet ass for me.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Busted. She transferred one totscicle today. I am keeping my fingers and my toes and anything else I can cross in hopes that she sees a BFP in a few weeks. Good luck Busted! Think implanting thoughts!!!!

Ooo, one more thing. My dearest Chicken Shit. The next time you decide to grow balls and fight with Fat Ass at 4 in the fucking morning, I will gate your sorry ass in the kitchen. I mean it Chicken Shit. Leave Fat Ass alone.

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