Raoul goes squirrel hunting

Wow! Busy week! Okay, I'm lying. I was a lazy thing all week long. I read a book. I actually read a book from cover to cover in less than a week. The last book I read I started in January and finished it in June. Thanks Tweedles! I also began knitting my nephews blanket, realized I cast on too many stitches and the cable knit wouldn't turn out correctly, pulled off the 11 rows I finished and started over. I am about 20 rows in...110 rows to go. It is cute. I will post pictures when I am done. I also colored my hair from medium blond to reddish brown. Here is what I didn't do this week that really needed to get done:
1) Vacuum
2) Dust
3) Make more than noodles or grilled cheese for dinner
4) Shower...KIDDING! I showered.......most days.
5) Clean the toy room
6) Wipe Tweedle toothpaste residue out of the sink
7) Laundry
Ah, the joy of laziness. I will pay for it when Tweedle P comes out of room tomorrow and proclaims she is out of clean "panties" Yup, she calls them panties. So does Tweedle C which is much more disturbing.

I went to our family house north of home today. We have a farm up there with grapes and pumpkins and horses and lots of fun farm stuff. My grandpa told me today he is digging up the grapes, tearing down the barn, and the horses are moving out. He asked me if wanted to take the grapes home with me in the spring when they are back from AZ. I told him I would. Then I came home and told Raoul that we are going to the farm in April to dig up grapes that have been in the ground for 10 years. He was thrilled! I am sure you can sense the sarcasm. My grandpa also put my silver spoon raised cousin to work which was HIGH-larious. The boy is almost 20 and has never worked a day in his life. He doesn't even clean his room because the cleaning lady does it. My grandpa decided the creek in the floor in front of his lazy boy is more getting annoying so he sent J into the basement, into the walls with the spiders and bugs so he could shim the floor. Oh how we did all laugh! The boy decided to climb out head first but the space he used to access the area is 9 feet off the ground. My brother had to catch him and carry him away from the wall. I almost peed my pants. I was great!

What the hell was the purpose of this post? Ooooo.....Raoul goes squirrel hunting. My lazy ass was sitting on the couch with my feet up finishing my book when Raoul came in carrying a very large paint ball gun, proclaiming "Damn squirrels!" "What's goin' on baby?" I ask. He begins to explain he is sick of the squirrels digging up the mulch and the yard. He was getting ready to go mountain biking (I live in WI by the way, explain how the hell he mountain bikes!) and saw a squirrel sitting on the bench he gave me. His paint ball gun happened to be sitting near by so he grabbed it and started shooting at the squirrel. However, he was aiming above the squirrels head because he didn't want to hurt it. Apparently he doesn't consider a little squirrel heart attack as something that would hurt. I am half expecting to come home one day with Raoul staked out on the porch in camo, beer in one hand, paint ball gun in the other, waiting for squirrel. Squirrel soup party, my house, next weekend! Everyone is invited!

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Tiffi33 said...

I feel his pain..we had chipmunks dig up and EAT the sunflower seeds I planted one year..PISSED me off!!

we need pictures if he does this cammo outfit..lol..

ps- I have eaten squirrel..lol