Tweedle P Update

Apparently, I didn't cut Tweedle P's hair shoulder length. Apparently, I cut neck length! Neck length? What is neck length? Is that somewhere between chin and shoulder length? I'm not sure. However, regardless of what neck length is, Tweedle P isn't speaking to me. What does the mommy of a Hannah Montana obsessed 6 year old to bribe her into talking? Buy a 99 cent notebook and pen featuring the lovely HM and company. She screamed with joy, gave me a huge hug, and said she loves her hair. I'm telling you...mom of the year! Nominate me now!

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anymommy said...

I nominate you! And second. You win. That is too funny, I am not looking forward to this kind of drama. As frustrating as my toddlers are, they are still fairly simple creatures.