I think August hates me

....Actually, I know August hates me. I had to work this morning and was just about to climb into my car when I realized my purse and all of it's contents were laying on the car seat. Damn kids, I thought. They are always looking for change to use in the gumball machine. Then I looked a bit closer and saw my glove box was open, the center console was open, and a CD case was laying on the ground. That's right, my car had been broken into. I spent all morning canceling credit cards, filing police reports, and cleaning up the mess that was left. I felt completely invaded. This ass wipe has my name, my address, my drivers license number, EVERYTHING! I live in a quiet neighborhood in a great community. The only reason anyone comes into my neighborhood is is they live there or know someone who lives there. I was afraid to drive my car. I just felt weird and wrong. I eventually did but I was very uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes.

As if that isn't bad enough, a family member died on Friday but I didn't find our until today. He wasn't of blood relation to me but I am very close with the people that he is of blood relation to. I am thinking the funeral will be tomorrow or Tuesday but I can't say for sure. They say bad things come in three, what else is next?

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Aunt Becky said...

February hates me, too. I hate that month back.