August Isn't quite done yet

I guess August isn't done screwing with me yet. I didn't go to the aforementioned wedding. Although it was not for lack of trying. I got myself all pretty and the kids looking nice (remember Raoul is gone so I was all alone in this effort). Getting ready was an effort in and of itself because I couldn't find what I wanted to wear and needed to find an appropriate substitute. Then the red pashmina for the substitute was missing and then the pink sweater for the second substitute was missing (remember the laundry pile I mentioned?) and ended up with option 4 which, I might add, really accented the girls nicely. So dressing took much longer than expected.

After much trouble getting ready, we got in the car and started driving. Now, there are two golf clubs on the same road and apparently I had them confused. I ended up going quite a bit out of my way because of this little oops. But we trucked on and headed to the other golf club. I guess I didn't know exactly where is was because when I got to were I thought it was it wasn't there. I got out the cell phone and called Raoul fulling expecting to here his "this is why we need a GPS" speech while trying to drive and ignore the Tweedles all at the same time. Thankfully, he was roaming and only had time to yell out directions before he cut out.

We finally got to our destination, parked, and headed into the hall. I noticed I didn't recognize any cars. Weird. Then I saw the DJ van, "huh, I thought they went with something else." We got inside and looked for our place cards. Odd, none there. I know I told her we were coming. We just talked about it last week. Then I noticed the picture of the bride and groom...yeah, totally not them. We were at the wrong place. Dammit! I called Raoul again, no answer. I called a couple of other people I knew would be there, no answer. Shit. I left really pissed off and completely defeated.

On the way home the Tweedles kept saying they didn't get to go to the wedding so they wanted to do something special instead. Bed sounds special! Lets go to bed when we get home. Thankfully, after some bargaining and arguing, they did but I didn't. I opened up the bottle of Riesling and sat on the couch with a bucket of chocolate ice cream and a spoon. I feel better now.

One final note, you may have noticed I have sold out. However, I have sold out for a good reason. The Tweedles may want to go to college someday and their mommy and daddy would rather have a boat than save for college. Just kidding!...or am I??? Go ahead, click around a bit, help send the Tweedles to college!

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