An egg donor no more

Part of my bloggy break had to do with my quest to egg donation. Just after Thanksgiving I got the news that I have not been accepted into the program I was hoping to get into. If you recall, way back when, my clinic asked me for some information regarding our families hearing loss. My parents were in the middle of a move and my dad had packed up the paper work related to the testing I had done 17 years ago. He didn't remember the name of the clinic (seriously, it was 17 years ago) and I couldn't find any information on the internet.

I reluctantly called the clinic with the bad news. They were understanding but reiterated that they can't place me into a donor program without that information. They will hold on to my paper work and, if I ever find anything, let them know. I still have a few years before I am too old to donate so this may not be the end. My dad will continue to look for the necessary documents but I have a feeling it is still in their storage unit 4 hours north of their new house.

I wasn't sure what to do with that information and this blog. I started it to track the donation process. I couldn't find a lot of information on the internet and I wanted to be a resource of sorts. But, I don't have that now. I couldn't decide if I should keep blogging or hang up the blogging hat. Could I hack it as a mommy blogger? There are so many amazing mommy bloggers out there and I felt I couldn't compare.

After a little thought and a lot of wine, I decided I started this blog for me. Plus, the content about egg donation so far has been very minimal because I never got past the application process. So, if I started it for me I should keep it for me. The content may change ever so slightly but it is still a great release for myself and something I enjoy. And, when the kids are 16 and ready to head off to prom, it will be great blackmail!

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optimisticallyhopeful said...

I got a new laptop for Christmas and haven't moved all of my blogs into the reader on my new one yet, so I'm just catching up now. I'm really sorry that you aren't able to continue with the donation process without those papers. That really stinks, though I guess I can understand why they won't let you. Of course as someone who may need donor eggs in the future, I think it really sucks that someone who wants to donate her eggs is denied that opportunity as it means less eggs available for those who need them.

I am VERY glad that you decided to continue blogging. If you aren't able to donate your eggs to women who need them, as least you keep us laughing with your stories on kids, marriage and life! Thanks for sticking around!