I almost died last night

It all started out innocently enough. I was shoveling the 4 inches of snow sitting on the driveway (stupid Raoul is out of town and I am scared of the snow blower) while the kids played with their new sleds. We were all having a grand ole time, me aching and swearing at the snow, the kids laughing and playing with the snow. Finally, after an hour of back breaking shovel pushing, I was done. To celebrate my triumph over nature I got out the giant tube that blew into our yard a few weeks back and rounded up the kiddies for some sled time. Yes, we stole it. No, we didn't try to find the owner.

Anyway, since I was all bundled up in my snow gear, I was pumped to plummet down the hill. First, the boy and I went. Then just the girl. Then the boy and I again. Then the girl. You get the picture. The squealing must have upset Chicken Shit because he came barrelling out of the garage and chased the boy and I down the hill. Oh we laughed! It was fun.

I wanted to see what the dog would do if I went down the tube on my own. So I got on and he freaked out. He started pacing and panting and sitting in front of the tube. I moved to the left to get away from him when I heard "Bombs away!" come from behind me. My head slapped back and my body lurched forward. The had boy kicked the back of the tube and down I went....straight for the tree. The damn tube was too big to steer, I was gaining speed, and the tree was getting closer. I freaked out. As I was bracing for impact I instinctively stuck my leg out. I guess I figured a broken leg was better than a cracked skull. What I didn't realize at the time was the tube is so damn big I would have just bounced off the tree because the tree isn't huge. And I had to go up the snow bank before hitting the tree and snow bank slowed me down quite a bit. So really, I didn't have to sacrifice my leg but I didn't realize that in my state of panic.

I survived but my leg is killing me. I haven't been on the treadmill since Monday because I have been super busy at work and it looks like it will be a few more days until I get back on. My arm still hurts a bit from the fall down the stairs (You remember the one. I had a giant soda in my hand and it spilled all me over as I tumbled down the stairs. Good times.) and now my leg hurts. I am not happy with the boy and I can't help but wonder if the girl helped put the idea in his head. I can just hear the whispering, "C, wouldn't it be funny if we pushed mommy down the hill!" They like to gang up on me when Raoul is out of town. I think this is going be a long weekend...less than 48 hours until Raoul gets home. Hurry baby!


Jill said...

Whoa -- how scary! I'm glad you're ok and I hope your leg feels better soon!

By the way, I tagged you (x2) on my blog if you're bored. :)

Anonymous said...

I went sledding while I was home and nearly hit a tree too... except I spun around backwards so I couldn't see how close I was. Gotta love winter! Glad I live in Florida for the time being though :-) Where did you go sledding? Miss you!!!!!

Meredith and Phil said...

The anonymous comment was from me... I'm still figuring out this commenting stuff.