It's those damn peanuts again

As you may or may not know, when the boy says peanuts it sounds very much like penis. So it was no surprise last night when poor Tweedle C got yelled at for talking about peanuts. Here's how it went:

C (talking to the dog): Hey, your breathe smells like penus!

Me: Perking up, listening closely but not speaking....yet.

C: Did you have penus for dinner because you smell like penus.

Me: C, we don't talk like that. It is not appropriate.

C: But his breathe smells like penus. Maybe he was licking some.

Me: C, mommy said we don't talk like that. It is not appropriate. Now stop or I will send you to your room.

****Five minutes later****

C: You did eat penus! There is penus butter all over the kitchen. Mommy, the dog got penus butter all over the kitchen.

Crap! That poor kid is going to have a complex about peanuts. I guess I will just add it to the therapy bills.

And now, as promised, an egg donation update. Unfortunately, I have none. My dad was unable to find the information about our hearing loss and has no clue what the name of the clinic was. They just moved and some things are still in their storage unit 5 hours north of their current home. He thinks the information may be in boxes up there but he doesn't know for sure. And, I can't really expect him to remember the name of the clinic as the study was 16 years ago.
So, I have to call the clinic and tell them I don't have the information they needed. I don't know if this will prevent me from donating and I hope it doesn't. Of course, I completely understand if it does as they have no way of knowing whether or not I carry a gene that could cause hearing loss. And, I feel like if they do let me donate recipients won't want a donor that may or may not carry a gene that may or may not cause hearing loss.
How frustrating! I'll update as soon as I know more.


Jill said...

This had me laughing so hard that I woke up the baby! Poor kid! Penus butter... LMAO!

Aunt Becky said...


Sorry, the penus talk is KILLING me. I'm apparently an adolescent boy.

Tiffi33 said...

rofl..I am dying at the penus thing..WAY funny

hockeyman said...

that is awesome! Only don't ask about peanuts in public, others may not understand. ;)

Good luck with the donation, that is an amazing gift and honorable gesture.