Peanuts or Penis (Updated)

For several weeks now Tweedle C has been walking around the house singing "Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your penis, shake your penis. (Think KC and the Sunshine Band). I kept asking him where he heard that and telling him is wasn't appropriate to sing songs about shaking your penis. He said Mickey sings it. Mickey? What the hell kind of f'ed up Mickey video was that kid was watching? Apparently, it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

You see, my Tweedles really love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They usually have that on when I get up on Saturday. Yes, that's right, when I get up. Raoul wakes up with the kids and the dog and lets me sleep as late as I want to. Have I mentioned that I love that man? I mean really love that man?

Anywho, the kids usually have that on when I wake up. This Saturday morning the mystery of shake your penis was solved. Mickey was trying to save a baby elephant and was singing shake your peanuts. Oooohhhh, shake your peanuts, I thought. That makes sense, I didn't understand what Tweedle C was saying and I had convinced him singing about peanuts was inappropriate.

Then, Tweedle C turned to look at me said, "See Mommy, shake your penis. It is on Mickey." Then he started shaking his little pelvis like Elvis singing shake your penis**. Maybe Raoul is right about getting surround sound. Maybe the sound will be bit more clear and we won't have anymore penis issues. But don't tell him I said that, he doesn't need to know because then I will have to hear about the fact that I said we should get surround sound and he won't shut up until I get it. Crap, he reads my blog. Egh, what are you gonna do.

**Edited to add Tweedle C pronounces penis like penus which is why he thinks Mickey is saying penis, not peanuts. Get it? Got it. Good.

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Aunt Becky said...

The word "penis" is always funny.