Slacker Here, checkin' in

Hi All! I have been a bit of a slacker lately but I can totally explain. You see, in case you didn't know, I work from home on Mon, Wed, and Friday. On Wednesday, after dropping the boy of at preschool, I ran to Target to pick up some cat litter. Then I ran to McD's to get a giant soda to help me through my day. I forgot my soda in the car until just before 11. I walked up the stairs to grab it and headed back into the depths of the basement to continue working. Somehow, in my supreme grace and balance, I slipped on the stairs and fell to the bottom. After hitting the bottom I slammed my head on the hard floor and knocked myself out. Thirty minutes later I woke up, covered in soda and aching from top to bottom.

It has taken quite a bit of time to recover. My shoulder is still very sore, my ankle hurts when I move certain ways, and the nasty greenish purple bruise that spans from one ass cheek, down the crack, and over to the other ass cheek makes it very hard to sit down.

I never got the flu (thank goodness!) but I did fall down the stairs which may have been worse. I haven't decided yet. I'll let you know when I do.

In other news, it is been cold and nasty and snowy and just plain gross here. I forgot about a birthday party we were supposed to go to yesterday. Luckily my family understands I am not usually a flake and called at 4pm to see what was up. I promptly got everyone dressed (what? You mean to tell me you are dressed at 4 on a Saturday?) and headed out the door. It was a fun party but the kids were little demons. They ran up and down the hallway, refused to eat their dinner, didn't listen to a single adult, and whined like little Tasmanian devils when I wouldn't let then go play in the dark, 35 degree, rainy night. I know, I'm a bitch. An evil bitch who doesn't want her kids to pneumonia. Call social services now! The kids are in danger!

Oooo, and I am totally jonesing (is that spelled right? Ah, who gives a crap) to watch White Christmas. I am not a sentimental kind of person but there are a few things I really look forward to. One of those things is snuggling up under a blanket with hot chocolate (peppermint schnapps optional) and watching that movie. I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving. Not because I think I should but if the kids catch me watching a Christmas movie before Thanksgiving I will have to listen to them whine about how I won't let them watch their Christmas movies before Thanksgiving and it's not fair and why can I do it and they can't and don't say because I am the mommy because that is not a good reason and blah blah blah blah. Seriously, they live a tormented life. Just ask them. So I am trying to devise a plan to get them out of my hair for a few hours so I can watch the movie without getting caught. I am thinking Benadryl in their milk at lunch......

Okay, I have more but this post is getting a little ranty as it is. See what happens when I fall down the stairs and can hardly move my arm or sit down for days and therefore have a hard time typing? I get ranty. Stop in tomorrow for a donor egg update.

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