Vegas Baby!

I didn't post yesterday and I am bummed because I was on a roll posting everyday. But, in my defense, I was making Minestrone and I hacked into my thumb with my favorite knife. If it hadn't been for my finger nail and I would have cut right through to my bone. So, I granted myself a bogging break.

Anyway, in just 3 short days, my short trip to Mesquite with PK has turned into a 5 day trip to Vegas for the four of us: Raoul, PK, J, and myself. Of course, we just have a few things to settle before we can go. We have to

  • Find someone to stay with the kids
  • Find someone to watch the dog
  • Find cheap airfare (Huh! Good luck with that!)
  • And find a good deal on a hotel in the middle of the strip

We did find some flight/hotel packages that were pretty reasonable. The hotels were on the south end of the strip which isn't ideal but it is better than the far north end of the strip. I would love to stay at Paris or Bellagio but those packages were pretty pricey, much more than we would be willing to spend on 5 impromtu days in Vegas.

The flight times aren't ideal either. They usually involve at least one lay over so we would spend 8 hours in the airport for 2 of the 5 days which pretty much sucks. On the up side, the other three days would be spent laying by the pool drinking and reading a book.

Of course, all of this is a moot point if no one can watch the kids. So...who wants to watch them? They are great, I swear. They sleep about 10 hours a day and whine about 10 hours a day. That means you get to enjoy 4 bliss filled hours a day playing with legos and reading books. Wait, hold on, I forgot to add in meals, although they whine all through meals so I guess they whine 11 and a half hours as day so I guess you can enjoy 2 and half hours a day of bliss. Oh come on, you know you want to! I'll even buy you a present. You can pick between this and this. Oh hell, you can have both!


Andrea said...

Have fun in Vegas! In regards to where my blog name came from: my maiden name was Bell and my first name started with A., so listed on school stuff I was always Bell, A. Everyone just kinda started calling me Bella. I love the name Isabella with Bella for short! So cute!

CappyPrincess said...

I hope you find someone to watch the kids! Vegas sounds like fun right about now.


seriously? said...

Here from ICLW. Have a great time in vegas! I think what you are doing is very lovely.

I saw Plain Truth on Lifetime. I love Amish stuff.

kateypie35 said...

Oooooo...VEGAS BABY...Vegas!!

Here from ICLW...admire you so very much for giving the gift of parenthood to someone else. You rock!

Collette said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for your comments. I am hoping we can make it to Vegas. We haven't been there since 2005 which was also our last big vacation.