Foto Friday

It is getting cold here in the mid west; cold enough that we bought snugglies. You probably know them as footie jammies or blanket sleepers. We here at the Orchidee household call them snugglies.

Tweedle P is getting to an age where it is hard to buy snugglies in her size. Actually, I am surprised she still wants to wear them. Not only does she want to, but she threw an absolute fit when Target didn't have her size. She saw it as a serious tragedy. I did too of course, I love those soft snuggly jammies. We finally found some that fit and she loves them. We only had to drive 45 miles from home to find them**. No big deal.

And that brings me to Foto Friday. Every year, the first night the kids wear snugglies to bed, we take a snuggly picture. It got down right tit nippley the other night so here, for your viewing plessure, is this year's snuggly picture.

**We were actually on our way to our nephew's birthday party and passed a Carter's outlet store so we stopped in to check out the supply. We would not have driven there to buy them if we were not passing. Gotta think about that footprint.


Zen Ventures said...

eeks! I'm not a big fun of the cold weather. It has started cooling off here in Charlotte NC too and I'm not so happy! :( I hate going to work in the cold! You've got cute kids...Just stopping by from MBC!


Andrea said...

Your kids are so cute! I have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at the age of 28 and I will likely be pursueing egg donation in a few months, so I found your blog interesting. I just wanted to say thanks for giving such an enormous gift to women like me. Knowing the option of DE is there makes the diagnosis of POF a little less devastating. Thanks :)

Collette said...

Maricris - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I don't like the cold either. I have been trying to convince my husband to move out west but he won't budge. Oh well, I will just snuggle under my electric blanket from October until March!

Andrea - Welcome to you also and thanks! I have always thought they were pretty cute. You and other women like you are the reason I have chosen to donate my eggs. I hope you are able to find you happy ending.