Stay off the roads

If you have read several of my previous posts, you have heard me (read me?) complaining about the insane amount of hours I have been putting in. And when I say insane I mean getting to the office at 8ish, working until 4ish, picking up the Tweedles, getting home and working some more, put the Tweedles to bed then work some more; usually until 1 or 2am. Lather, rinse, repeat since August. I think it has gotten a bit out of hand. Below are things I have done today that I wouldn't normally do but did do due (hah, do do! See how tired I am?) to my lack of sleep:

  • Forgot to feed Chicken Shit his dinner last night. So that was why he was staring at me then the kitchen, then me, then the kitchen. He was saying feed me my damn dinner bitch!

  • Damn near backed into the garage door pulling out this morning because I forgot to open it.

  • Damn near backed into Raoul’s car pulling out of the driveway (sorry baby!)

  • Damn near hit the guy in front of me on the freeway because I accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake

  • Spelled my name wrong on a report

  • Walked into my supervisor’s wall as I was leaving her office

  • Spilled coffee all over my desk. I don’t even drink coffee!

  • Locked myself in the stairwell and had to walk 11 flights down to the main floor where the door was unlocked. I figured 11 flights down was better than 9 flights up.

  • Said “fuckin’ A, what a stupid asshole” in a meeting with my CEO. Thank god she also hates the guy I called a stupid asshole...and thank god the mute button was on because he was on the phone.

  • Took on another project! What the hell is wrong with me??

  • Asked the IT guy when our new printer was going to be installed, he pointed about 25 degrees to my right…at the guy installing the new printer.

  • Forgot to pick up Tweedle P. I drove right past the baby sitter and turned down my street. I didn't realize what I had done until I got home and asked P to get her school bag out of the car. I turned around to find out why she didn't answer and her seat was empty. Sorry P! Mommy loves you!

PK, if you are reading this…SAVE ME! Save me from my hell. I have two words for you: Nevada Baby! No, not Vegas Baby. Nevada Baby! My mom lives in Mesquite (you know that but no one else reading this does) and I am way too cheap to pay for a hotel room when I can stay somewhere for free. Think about it. Sun, free food, free lodging, we can even steal their car and go to Vegas shopping for a day. I am sure my parents would love to have us! Come on, you know you want to. The boys getting fishing, we get Mesquite. It is only fair.

Oh, another thing PK, if we are getting together this weekend lets do it at your place, Kowie will babysit (maybe I should ask her first?). My only request is you have wine on hand, lots of it, and a glass won’t be necessary. Actually, strike that, make the boys stay with the Tweedles and we will gorge ourselves with oodles of egg rolls. Wine is still necessary, glasses still are not.


Aunt Becky said...

Don't tempt me TOO much. I may join you, but I'm pregnant AND crabby. Maybe that's no better ;)

Collette said...

The more the merrier! Pregnant and crabby is worse because you can't drink.