Seriously, Am I 6?

Tweedle P and I were reading more science books today. This is not the same book I was reading at preschool with Tweedle C on Monday but it is from the same book collection. Here is what I found that made me giggle this time.

First, did you know there are birds called ox-peckers. Seriously! Ox-peckers. Contrary to how it sounds, these birds are not huge. Real ox peckers (of the penis variety) are huge, like several feet long. According to the book, ox peckers (of the bird variety) are tiny little birds that sit on large mammals to eat little bugs off of them. Ox-peckers! I giggled, oh how I giggled.

Then we came to the blue booby bird. Normally I wouldn't giggle at that but on the heals of carpet munchers and ox-peckers I couldn't help it. Tweedle P did get that one. The rest of the time we read she kept saying booby, causing both of us to laugh like little 6 year olds. Wait, she is 6. Oh well, you know what I mean.


Tiffi33 said...

I'd laugh too!!
was there a Titmouse in there?
THAT is a bird too...

my mom got my boys a book called everybody poops..heh..my mom is slightly warped..my kids think it is HILARIOUS!!!

Collette said...

I did not come across the titmouse but I didn't read the entire book either!

My brother in law won't poop at anyone else's house and we always give him crap about it. One year, for Christmas, my step father in law bought him everybody poops.