That Lip, I can't resist the lip

Tweedle C had his preschool orientation today. After orientation we came home and had a little mommy and Tweedle C time. We didn't get enough of that this summer and I was eating it up. We were sitting on the couch enjoying Red Vines (I love me some Red Vines!) and Tweedle C realized his had disappeared. We looked in the couch, on the floor, and then it struck us. Chicken Shit had that look in his eye. That I just stole your Red Vine, what are you gonna do about it look. Then that lip started to quiver, the Tweedle was going to cry. I an effort to avoid his glass shattering screams, I offered up another piece of licorice. He looked up at me, lip sticking out, eyes big and blue and said "I think I need two pieces to really make me feel better." How can you say no? Of course he got two pieces. I just can't resist that lip.

We had more outfit drama with Tweedle P this morning. I walked into her room and she was wearing a black velour dress that is typically reserved for Christmas parties. I told her she had to change and the drama began. She started whining about how badly she needed to wear that dress and Christmas was too far away to wait. It is funny, Christmas isn't too far away to be writing a list but so far that she needs to wear this dress NOW. I wonder where that line is, where Christmas is close enough for a list but too far to wait for the dress. But I digress, she sat on her floor in her underwear for 25 minutes complaining that she wanted to wear something black and the other black things I picked out weren't good enough. She eventually put on a super thin pencil skirt and a white top (none of which had black on it). I normally wouldn't let her leave for school in that because the skirt was too small and I couldn't figure out how she was going to run and play on the playground. But she spent so much time pissing and moaning on her floor she barely had enough time to eat breakfast and brush her teeth so I had no choice but to bite my tongue and let her wear it. I think we are going to start picking out clothes at night. I just can't deal with that crap before caffeine.


Always Home and Uncool said...

Suck the caffiene up through the Red Vines. That is XTC.

Collette said...

Great suggestion. I may just do that tomorrow for breakfast.