When men clean the carpet

Me: Hey baby, how was your night.

Joe: Fine, the dog puked on the carpet.

Me: That sucks (noticing the little green clean machine)...thanks for cleaning it up.

Joe: Yup

Two hours later

Me: Hey babe, what did you use to clean the puke up

Joe: Oxy clean

Me: Oh really, huh....did you pour is out of the spray bottle?

Joe: No, I used Oxy Clean

Me: Then why is it blue?

Joe: What?

Me: If you used Oxy clean why is the water blue? Where did you get the Oxy clean from?

Joe: From under the kitchen sink.

Me: But the Oxy clean is in the bathroom

Joe: I used those granules under the kitchen sink.

Me: (thinking about what the hell he could have used from under that sink that was blue, then I realized) You used plant food!

Joe: What?

Me: You used plant food! Is this what you used? (showing him the container)

Joe: Yup. Hey, it did a great job cleaning up the mess.

Plant food. He used miracle grow granules in the little green clean machine to clean up the dog puke. Thankfully, he did not stain the carpet. At least he cleaned it up.

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Aunt Becky said...

I'm not sure Dave would ever clean the carpet. I'm sort of jealous that your husband tried ;)

And who knew, plant food!