Oh Payton

The scene: The four of us are in the car on the way home from Joe's birthday dinner* as we pass a construction site

Payton: What is that big blue thing over there?

Me: That is a porta potty

Payton: Ewww (giggle, giggle). That's gross.

Me: It would be great for you though because you would never have to flush again.**

Payton: (giggle, giggle). Oh! Mommy! What if (giggle) what if they men (giggle) what if they all went poop and none of them flushed and then they all had to sit on a giant mound of poop and then they would be pooping (giggle) they would be pooping on the poop!

Joe: Payton that is twisted. You have a twisted mind little girl.

Payton (giggle, giggle)

*Happy Birthday baby! For the next 7 days you are officially older than me!

**She never flushes! Never. Ever. Flushes. I can't tell you how many times I have walked into off colored and off textured poo sitting on the bottom of the bowl. Every. Single. Day.

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