Stupid people at stupid work

I'm pissed. I love the people I work with and their dedication to their jobs. I love that fact that people take ownership and don't try to pass their crap off to me. Okay---most people. I love that I work for a tiny company that got bought by a huge company and it stills feels like a tiny company--most of the time. What don't I love? The idiots who come to work sick. The dumb asses who feel they are too busy to stay home and decide to come into the office. Hey! Moron! Ever heard of remote desktop? Work from home if you are sick and can't take the day off! Now I sit here suffering. Shall we review my symptoms?

Fever of 103? Check
Cough? Check
Aches? Check
Crabby? Check
Loss of appetite? Check
Way too much shit in my chest? Check
My sinuses ate my head? Check

So my lovely coworkers and team members, next time you are sick stay home. We have unlimited sick days so you don't even have to use your PTO! Tell you what. I will even be your back up if it means you stay home and I stay healthy. Thanks!

Love, your lovely trainer

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Jill said...

That is the worst. People love to play the martyr when they're sick -- as in, "Look at me! I'm sick and I still came to work! I'm so dedicated!" They don't realize how they are putting their coworkers' health at risk. I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon!