Do 4 year old boys get Munchausen

Remember how cute I thought it was that Caden was attentive when I hurt my knee? Remember how he rubbed my cheek and kept checking on me? He brought me his favorite toys to comfort me and offered to brush my teeth for me. My injury was the first thing he thought about when he woke up the next morning. I thought it was cute, now I am a little scared.

When I was taking him to school this morning he asked me how my knee felt. I replied that it felt great and hadn't hurt for about a week. He suddenly got very sad and quite. I tried to get out of him what was wrong but he wouldn't talk. He just looked out the window with this sad longing look in his eyes. While we were walking into school I finally got it out of him. He is sad that my knee is better because he can't take care of me anymore. Sweet right? Not so much. He then asked me to run until I hurt it again. He said he liked it when I was hurt and he wants me to get hurt again. He thought maybe I should hurt my back this time.

Not sure how to feel about that. I wonder if I need to worry about him bum rushing me with a pipe Tanya Harding style.

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