Little Miss Bella

Payton has always been a strong minded person. When she was little she gave me a very hard time. She was a Daddy's girl through and through. My dad used to joke that she was battling me for the alpha female role in the household and didn't like it that I was winning. Her daddy though, oh her daddy, she had him wrapped around her little finger. She could do no wrong and she knew it. Over the years she has accepted that she sit below me on the family hierarchy. However, in the last couple of months Joe has started to complain that she doesn't respect him. She has a tone when she talks to him and roles her eyes....a lot. I told him he was imagining things and she was just acting like a normal 7 year old girl. But, new evidence has been presented that proves Joe may be correct.

Exhibit A: Her math homework. This is how she signed her math homework. Yup, that says Queen Bella (and the "a" is shaped like a heart). Wow! I wonder what her teachers thought about that.

Exhibit B: A picture she drew on Thursday with her best friend. She split the dry erase board in half and each colored one side. Payton drew a picture of her family. From left to right she drew Joe, Caden, herself, and me. Just look at the sizes of the people on the picture. Her and I are relatively the same size. Joe is really small compared to her and I.

Really, I think Joe may be right. Payton thinks she is the queen bee and is making her poor daddy suffer.


Aunt Becky said...

Your daughter is my hero. I am going to sign all my checks like that.

Tiffi33 said...

omg that is hilarious...I love the 'A' heart...that is priceless

Daddy has quite a dilemma on his hands...I do not envy him..lol..