Strike three - I'm out

Strike 1 - my fever and eventual pneumonia
Strike 2 - Caden's fever which popped up yesterday
Strike 3 - Payton's fever which popped up 20 minutes ago

Y'errrrrr outta there!!!!!

Seriously? This sucks big donkey dick. Because I have been sick since Thursday, I have not done much cleaning. And when I say not much I mean I haven't touched anything remotely related to cleaning paraphernalia since Wednesday. I did pick up a stick from the floor. That has to count for something.

Alright so no cleaning. I have not shopped for food. Of course, that might not be a bad thing because I haven't invited all of the guests yet. Have I mentioned the party is Sunday? Not shopping for food also involves not ordering a cake. Two cakes actually because god forbid the kids agree on a cake. They both love spongebob. They live for spongebob. They could have picked spongebob. But no! What did they pick? What did they insist they needed to have? High School Musical and Cars. Come on! Give mommy a break!

So let's recap: three of the four people who live in this house are sick. I have a birthday party with 30 guests scheduled for Sunday. I have no food, no cake, a filthy house, and have only invited half of the guests. I think I am screwed.

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Aunt Becky said...

Oh man, feel better soon! Sounds awful. Good luck, duder.