It just keeps getting better

Traditionally I do a new me post on Monday's but I really don't have too much to saying. I spent the better part of last week and the weekend having cold sweats all over the couch and living on orange juice and broth because eating took way too much energy. Of course, I did drop 7 pounds. Not the healthiest way in the world to loose weight but it certainly brought me very close to my goal. Hopefully the weight stays off when my appetite comes back.

Crap, what was the purpose of this post? Oh yeah, things just keep getting better. Of course, if you were with me you would hear the sarcasm in my voice and know that really, things just keep getting worse. How so you ask? I went to the doctor today. Normally I would have the luxury of going alone because Caden would be at preschool and Payton would be at school and I could sit happily in the waiting room.

That was not the case today. Caden spiked a fever yesterday and stayed home sick today. So he had to come. Picture this will you? A sick, tired (damn daylight savings), feverish, crabby, 4 year old sitting in a doctor's office for 2 HOURS! First he had to wait for my name to be called, then he had to wait for the doctor to come in, then he had to wait for the chest X-ray, then he had to wait for the X-ray to develop, then he had to wait for the doctor AGAIN, then he had to wait in line at the pharmacy while I dropped off my script. I have never played so much I spy at one given time. I read an entire book! And I am not talking a picture book. I am talking one of those beginner chapter books. It was 45 pages long!

All in all it was a productive trip. I have pneumonia and will begin antibiotics today. Hopefully I will be feeling half normal by Wednesday. But Caden is still sick so that sucks. I have 30 people coming over on Sunday for a party and the last thing I need is a sick kid. Send healthy thoughts our way! We have a busy week.

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