A new definition of normal

Today is the first day I have felt normal since last Wednesday. Of course, I still feel kind of crappy but I felt well enough to start picking up a bit. I wish I had stayed sick so I didn't have to see what has happened to my house over the last 7 days. It really is quite scary. There are crumbs on the table from dinners and breakfasts past. There are traces of muddy dog prints on the kitchen floor. The bathroom. Oh hell don't even get me started on the bathroom. And my poor fat kitty has been living with a dirty litter box for far too many days.

Perhaps the most disturbing bit that I found was in the bathroom. While doing my business I noticed the garbage was getting a bit full. There has been a lotta nose blowin' going on around this place. I grabbed a plastic bag and emptied the can. As the trash fell from the can into the bag I smelled something. That something was so strong it made me gag. As I pulled the can away from the bag I nearly choked. I looked down and saw every single kleenex in the garbage bag was soaked with pee. The bottom of the garbage can was covered in pee. I could see where it had dripped down the side of the can and made on ring on the tile. Ew! Ugh! Gross! I could feel it on my hands.

It had to be the boy. I just can't picture Payton squatting over the garbage to do her business. Caden, on the other hand, would definitely decide the garbage is good place relieve himself. So I asked him:

Me: Caden! Get in here!

C: Okay Mommy.

Me: Did you pee in the garbage can.

C: No, Payton did.

Me: Caden, tell Mommy the truth, did you pee in the garbage can?

C: No! Phantom did!

Me: Okay. Come on. Lets get out the soap.

C: No! I did it. I peed in the garbage.

Me: Why did you pee in the garbage?

C: I don't know. I just thought it would be fun.

Fun huh. Well I don't think he thought it was so fun while he stood over the wash tub cleaning the garbage can, taking the pee kleenex out to the garage, and then cleaning the pee ring off the floor. Hopefully I won't have anymore surprises like that.

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Tiffi33 said...

omg..that is NAST..it had to be ripe too...
i think cleaning a bathroom is a good thing to help teach a boy aim..lol..