A death in the family

On Sunday night you died. You were warm and comforting. When I was upset and needed an escape from the world you were who I would go to. You kept me happy. You got me through those long nights alone while Joe was in boot camp. You were always there for me. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to you. When I moved out of my parents house at the tender age of 18 I left you behind. It was the biggest mistake I made and I am sorry. But we found each other again just a few short years later and it was amazing. You wrapped me in your softness and warmth and I felt like I was at home again.

But alas, it was not meant to be. You are gone now. You threatened to destroy my life and everything Joe and I worked so hard to build. You put us and the kids are risk. You nearly set the house on fire. Your life had to end. You will be tough to replace but I am sure we will. Next winter, when those cold winds start to blow I will start thinking about you and will miss you dearly. Good bye electric blanket. You will be missed.

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Jill said...

How scary!

I had an electric blanket in college. One night it sparked when I was unplugging it. The plug touched my watch and completely burnt/melted the metal where the prongs touched it. I thank God that I was wearing a watch, because otherwise it would have seriously burnt my wrist.