Why traveling with my employer sucks

A few weeks back my employer asked me if I could go to Cali on a trip to have a face to face visit with the client I manage. I have no objections with plane rides and like to mix it up and get out of the office so I agreed to go. What I didn't know was my employer makes sure you get in, do what you need to do and get out in as little time as possible. Here is a recap of my trip:

Tuesday 2/17
  • Wake up at 3am to get ready and catch 6:10am flight
  • Travel 6 hours from Milwaukee to Orange County
  • Land at 11:06
  • Run to rental car to get to lunch meeting with client by 11:30
  • Head back to client headquarters for 1:30 meeting
  • Go to little cafe at 3:30 to debrief with my coworkers
  • Go back to hotel at 5:10
  • Change for business dinner
  • Meet at 5:45 for dinner
  • Back in the hotel room at 8 to read the 90 e-mails I got during the day and solve the 100 issues that came up
  • Bed at midnight (2 am WI time, that means I was up for 23 hours)

Wednesday 2/18

  • Wake up at 4am the next morning to catch 6:45am flight
  • Wait in plane on runway for 25 minutes cause planes can't take off until after 7. So why schedule flights for 6:45am? WHY!!!!!!
  • Travel 3 hours
  • Land at gate 2A with only 10 minutes to get to my connection which is leaving from gate 76A
  • Fuck! RUN!!!!!!!!!!! No time to pee. Sorry bladder. Can't get stuck in Denver!
  • Get on plane just in time. Fly 3 more hours.
  • Pick up kids
  • Work until 11pm because I have 90 more e-mails and 100 more problems to solve

What don't I mind about traveling with these guys?

  • The $150 sushi meal that I didn't have to pay for. Best sushi ever!
  • The $240 a night suite I didn't have to pay for (seriously, the nicest hotel room I have every stayed in).
  • The Lexus SUV rental I didn't have to pay for (it was the only car they had left).
  • The ability to put a face to the crazy lady who is my contact at our client.
  • The chance to hear to the founder and former owner of my employer say "Wow, your client is a serious bitch! How do you work with her every single day?"

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Tiffi33 said...

MY god, I would be a mess if I had to do that!!
YOU go!

and NICE on the sushi...I have only had it once, and i loved it!