A new me - week 7

I took last week off from working out. My knee is slowly getting better and I hope to be back on the treadmill and on the weights tonight. I hate that I didn't work out at all last week but I really think I pulled something in my knee and felt it was best to rest it.

I may have taken the week off in gym but I certainly stuck to my healthier eating. I steared clear of the crap and ate a lot of fish, whole grains, and veggies. I have noticed that I have so much more energy these last 7 weeks. I have more patience for the kids and seem to be more focused at work. These changes have definately been positive for me and my life.

I won't post measurements this week as there is really no change from the last time I posted. Of course I expected that because I didn't run or lift at all last and only twice the week before. I expected it and I am okay with it.

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