Taxes suck

I got the brilliant idea to do out taxes on Saturday. I bought Tax Cut and was ready to go. I was all set up on the couch with the laptop, ready for those refund dollars to start piling up. About five minutes in, when it came time to claim my dependents, I realized I needed the kids social security numbers. So, up I go to head down to the basement and fish out the SS cards. But they weren't where I thought I had put them. So I tried to think about the last time I had them. Hmmmmm........last summer Joe's dad opened a savings account for them and need their numbers. I put them in my wallet. Maybe they were still there.

So, back up the stairs I climbed to find my purse. But, the cards weren't there either. Oh crap. Okay, think. Where did I put those cards? Oh shit. The car was broken into last summer and my purse was dumped out. What if they stole the kids cards and then used their numbers? Oh shit. Their credit is ruined before they even had a chance to ruin it themselves. I kept looking anyway. I needed their numbers to do my taxes and I wanted to exhaust all options before I went and stood in line at the social security office to get new cards.

Okay, what purse did I use last summer? I am a purse whore. I never use the same purse for more than a few months and I always change for the seasons. I pulled out my pile of purses and started looking through all of them. Finally, after a good hour of searching, I found them stuffed in a pocket of one of my purses. Thank god! Back to my taxes.

I was cruising through. I had our W-2s entered and all of my deductions in order: interest on the mortgage, student loan interest, property taxes, donations. All of it added up to a sizable deduction and I was seeing that refund build! Alrighty, time to enter my childcare expenses. Oh crap! Our daycare provider didn't list her ssn on our receipt for the year. Dammit all! Back to the basement to root through our files to find our old taxes to get her number. Of course, we got a new desk about a month back and I still haven't organized anything. I had no idea where our old taxes were.

After an hour of searching, I finally found what I needed. Back upstairs to enter the information. I finished everything up and was all set to e-file. Just 5 to 7 days until that wonderful refund is in my mailbox! Wait, I need my PIN from last year (I didn't e-file last year, I don't have a PIN) or my adjusted gross income from last year. Son of a bitch! Back to the basement to look for 2007 taxes to get my AGI. I looked for 30 minutes and found the folder I neatly labeled 2007 taxes. Then I opened the folder and it was empty. Oh for god's sake I hate taxes!

I never did find my taxes for 2007. Now I need to figure out how I am going to file these damn things. I don't have a printer that is compatible with my laptop. My laptop has Vista and the printer I have is compatible with XP which we have on our desktop. Of course, I did the taxes on the laptop thinking I could e-file but now I don't have what I need to do that. I can't print the forms to paper file. I could call the IRS to get my AGI but when I tried I got hung up on...three times. Seriously, I hate tax season.

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Mrs.StephenP. said...

I so loved reading this...I thought I was the ONLY one who felt that way about TAX SEASON.