Life changes

At dinner tonight I was pondering how my life has changed. It wasn't too long ago that Joe and I would sit at the table discussing sailing and politics over a dinner of salmon, asparagus and pasta. Okay, that isn't really true. When I say sailing I mean sex because that is what we called sex when we were around my family but didn't want to say sex. And the only politics discussed was me telling Joe why I was right and if he didn't agree with me he was wrong. But that salmon and asparagus - that totally happened.

Anyway, it wasn't that long ago that we we having adult meals and adult conversation. On glass plates! With glass, um, glasses! And wine! Tonight wasn't like that and neither have most nights for about the last 5 years. Now at dinner we talk about why it is important to cover our mouth when we burp and playing a rousing game of who just farted. Now we eat cheese filled turkey hot dogs and frozen corn with milk. On plastic plates. and plastic cups. Sometimes, on a really special night, we have chocolate milk! I know. I'm crazy like that.

The funny things is, as much as I loved my salmon and sex talk, I love my fart talk and frozen corn more. I love being a mom. I don't care about the parties I missed and trips I can't go on. I love my kids and everything about them. Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in everything I don't have. Sometime I look at my married with no kids friends and get a little jealous of their freedom. Then I listen to the gut busting giggle coming out of Payton's mouth because Caden just dropped it in the car and OH MY GOD! it smells so bad and I remember how much I love them.

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