A New Me - Week 8

Remember last week when I said I was going to get back on the treadmill to start running again? Remember how I said my knee was feeling better and I wanted to get back on the horse? Well, that dream died a bit. I ran on Monday. Tuesday was my 23 hour day in California so, um, yeah, no working out that day. And Wednesday, while running through the airport to catch my connection, I messed up my knee again. Yeah me! I have gone through so much ibuprofen in the last 3 weeks I surprised I don't have an ulcer yet. And if I have to apply one more ice pack I swear I am going to get frost bite.

I have stuck to eating healthier though. It was hard to eat healthy this week because I haven't been grocery shopping in a while and we are running out of the healthy stuff. I have noticed pants are fitting better. I have a smaller muffin top and my pants aren't as tight in my thighs. Okay, on to measurements:

Boobs: 33" (no change)
Waist: 28" (no change)
Hips: 35.5" (down 0.5")
Butt: 38" (down 1")
Thighs: 23" (down 1")


optimisticallyhopeful said...

Yay! Great news that you are still able to lose inches without exercising! Eating healthy does wonders, doesn't it? Keep up the great work.

Tiffi33 said...

That is awesome that you lost more inches!!

and I feel ya on the ibuprofen thing..I was taking 800's 3-4 times a day when I messed up my shoulder, and my stomach was NOT happy w/ me..

Let it heal, work on some muscle tone instead!